Minutes: Parish Council Meeting 19th May 2020

Minutes of the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on Tuesday 19th May 2020 – due to COVID – 19 and the Government social distancing regulations the meeting was virtual @ 7.30 pm.

Due to COVID 19 the Annual Parish Meeting on the 21st April had been cancelled.

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Part 1


Councillor R Hocknell (RJH)

Councillor D Bennett – Vice Chairman

Councillor R Hurst (RH)  

Councillor G Morgan – Chairman

Councillor A Nicol (AN)

Councillor J Swithenbank (JS)

Mr T Sheldon Footpath & Tree Officer

Ms J Mason – Clerk  

Declaration of Interest

Cllr G Morgan – Sibelco

36/20 Election of Chairman 2020/21

Resolved Cllr G Morgan would be the Chairman for the ensuing year.

The acceptance of office would be signed at a later date.

Public Forum

One member of the public.

The Parish Council had received one application for the Councillor vacancy, and she had joined the meeting to accept questions and observe the meeting.



Cllr A Kolker no apologies received.

37/20 Minutes

Resolved that the minutes of the meetings held on 25th February and 24th March 2020 (nobody present as no directive from NALC at this time) be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.

38/20 Election of Vice Chairman for 2020/21

Resolved Cllr D Bennett would be the Vice Chairman for the ensuing year.

The acceptance of office would be signed at a later date

39/20 Covid 19

The Parish Council had offered support to the vulnerable and elderly across the parish and asked for volunteers in their Annual Newsletter. There had been several requests and over ten volunteers plus Cllr AN and her husband. All requests had been resolved.

Cllr RH wished to thank the Clerk for ensuring all requests had been met and Cllr AN for her support.

The Clerk had contacted ‘Connecting Communities’ to offer help in Cranage and there were 360 cases in Congleton and surrounding areas, and they were coping with demand.

There were regular updates on the website with information and the foodbanks available. The offer of support was on Dane Sound Radio and with Holmes Chapel Health Centre.  It was agreed there would be no more actions to be taken at this time.

40/20 Cllr Responsibilities

  • Finance / Audit Compliance – Cllr RH
  • Business Plan Delivery – Cllr GM
  • Police – Cllr AN
  • Cranage Bowling Club, Adult fitness area and Play Area’s – Cllr DB
  • Planning – Cllr JS and Cllr RJH
  • Village Hall Liaison Officer – Cllr RH
  • Communication with the Parish – newsletters, website, and social isolation luncheons – Cllr GM
  • Manchester Airport – Cllr AN
  • Highways – Cllr RJH

Resolved the above responsibilities were allocated to the named Councillors.

41/20 Cllr Register of Interests

The Clerk asked if any Councillors had had any change in circumstances and reminded them to update their ROI.

Audit and Local Councils in England 2018/19

42/20 Internal Audit

The internal audit had been circulated to all members. The main comments were noted; the fixed asset register should not include VAT, the budget review had been implemented but the documents should be retained, the updated Financial Regulations refer to a purchase order system but it was not in place and a process under and above £500 should be followed and cash reserves are excessive and need addressing.

Resolved the internal audit was accepted by full council.

43/20 Section 1 Annual Governance statement section 2019/20 of the AGAR

Resolved the Council accepted the report and it was noted signed by the Chairman and Clerk /RFO.

44/20 Section 2 – Accounting Statements 2019/20

Resolved the Council accepted the statements and the Chairman sign to confirm approval.

45/20 Public Inspection period (Notice of public rights) from Monday 15th June to Friday 24th July 2019 inclusive.

Resolved All information will be posted on the website and the noticeboards on the above dates.  


46/20 Monies held over in 2019/20

The Chairman requested this item was deferred to the next meeting to give members time to consider an action plan for the next financial year.

47/20 Planning Applications

  • 20/1228C Caberfeidh, 8 Northwich Road, Cranage CW4 8HL – Alterations and extension to existing dwelling, garage, and associated works.

Resolved No Objection

  •  20/0989C Big House, Middlewich Road, Cranage CW4 8HG Single storey rear extension and first floor rear extension.

Resolved No Objection

Brereton Timber

The Parish Council were still receiving numerous complaints about this site due to the cars parking on the grass verge. It was destroying the verge and if The Vicarage Hotel were open it would impede vision. The Clerk had reported to CE Highways several times and no actions had been taken to date.

Resolved the Clerk would contact CE highways and CE planning.

Auction at Goostrey Leisure

It was noted that after the Clerk had contacted the auctioneers and the situation seemed to have improved.

48/20 Footpath and Tree Report

Kissing gate post on open space by River Dane  – actioned

Broken fence posts on Needham Estate– some had been damaged over April and these had now been repaired and more replaced. TS wished to thank ANSA.

FP1 Twemlow Lane to Swan Farm sleepers rotten and broken stile Cllr RH had reported, and it had now been actioned.   

TS wished it to be noted there were nettles growing from under the hedgerow on the A50 which may need attention over the coming weeks. It was noted there were many more walkers due to Covid 19 and lock down.

Open Space by the Village Hall Cllr RH had asked for the management cutting plan on this site to be undertaken but no actions had been undertaken

Resolved the Clerk would report

Footpath Claim – Carver Ave/Byley Lane/Crescent Avenue Ref FPS/R0660/14A/2

No progress had been made since the last meeting.

49/20 Football Pitches

The football manager reported the standard of the 9×9 pitch closest to the A50 was still unplayable at times due to drainage issues. He had contacted CE and there was no action being taken by themselves.

Resolved the Clerk would arrange a meeting with J Ashbrook’s Ltd to give an opinion.

50/20 Cheshire East

No report due Cllr AK’s absence.

It was agreed contact would be made with Cllr AK to enquire if everything was alright as he had been absent from several recent meetings.

51/20 Accounts   

It was noted the balance of account = Leek United £30,721.75 + Natwest £26,236.13 = £56,957.88


  • Online payment – £608.63 Crewe Colour Printers Ltd
  • Online payment – £136.72 Ms J Mason expenses (October to March)
  • Online payment – £36.00 CPRE
  • Online payment – £164.40 Rospa Play Safety
  • Online payment – £854.40 HSF Recycling Ltd
  • Online payment – £847.50 Zurich Municipal
  • Online payment – £265.20 JDH Services Ltd


  • £10,000 Cheshire East – Precept
  • £1,550.70 NBACM
  • £1,791.01 SPC
  • £50.00 Mr S Walton

Resolved the above payments are approved and signed for as a true and accurate record.

52/20 Highways

Gulley on Twemlow Lane 3379901 – Cllr JS reported this still had not been resolved

Gulley on Byley Lane 3373938 – still outstanding

Road surface on bridge over M6 Northwich Road – Cllr A Nicol requested this was reported as it was dangerous when on a bicycle


53/20 Chairman and Members Report


The Chairman reported there was no report as little activity at the present time. There had been a meeting scheduled on the 7th April but cancelled due to Covid 19. She was awaiting an update.


54/20 The next meeting would be on the 23rd June 2020

Meeting closed at 8.35pm