The Safety of Women in Public Spaces Survey

The safety of women and girls has rightly featured prominently in the media over the last year, and in the conversation around policing priorities.

In Cheshire there are currently two Safer Streets programmes being rolled out across Chester and Warrington, each designed to improve the feeling of safety for women and girls and make the streets safer for everyone.

Looking ahead to the next bid that my office will be submitting, I want to make sure any funding we get for similar programmes is directed where its impact will be greatest. To that end, I have set up a survey which is designed to get an in-depth account of people’s experiences in different areas across Cheshire.

People will be able to give specific locations where they do not feel safe and they will be able to say exactly why this is the case, whether that is something to do with the area itself, the time of day, or whether they feel vulnerable because of who they are.

Although the survey is primarily aimed at the safety of women, I want to hear from anyone and everyone who can help to improve public safety in Cheshire. When women and girls feel safer, our communities as a whole feel safer.

Through collecting people’s lived experiences in this way, I am hopeful that my office will be able to put together a funding bid that will make a real difference to the feeling of safety people have in our county.


The survey will close on Thursday 31 March.


John Dwyer
Police & Crime Commissioner for Cheshire