Save Our Village Hall

Cranage Village Hall


We all know the Cranage Village Hall – it is just always there – clean and tidy and ready to be booked for our family events, whether it be a birthday party, a get together or maybe even a wedding.  We also rely on it for toddler groups for our children, pilates classes, the bridge club and lots of other groups who regularly use the hall – like the karate club and the art club – valued groups that our locals enjoy.

More recently, the hall has hosted the fabulous annual beer fest, and fun murder mystery nights too – bringing our community together – it is in fact the only community building in Cranage.

Do you want your Village Hall?

You may know that many years ago it was entrusted to the residents of Cranage for their use for social and community activities, and it is run by volunteers. 

Unfortunately, the current Committee now has only SEVEN members. To keep the hall running there is a need for between 15 and 20 members with varying skills, so that Community events can be organised, the building kept open and funds generated to cover running and maintenance expenses.

With only seven members, who have all worked at the village hall for a long time, the situation is now critical – you are in danger of LOSING this lovely old building as our valuable village asset.

If the current Committee volunteers cannot keep the Village Hall functioning, the Trust Deed means that the building and site will pass to a National Charity.  This means that Cranage residents will no longer be able to influence what happens – it could be that the hall is closed, possibly even demolished to be replaced with housing.

All we need is a few more residents to give as little as a couple of hours a month to help turn this situation around – Do You have a couple of hours a month to contribute?

The Village Hall’s mission statement is “Community, Unity, Fun”. Please play a part in making it continue.

Meet the committee and find out more – come along to the AGM on Tuesday 24th October 2023 @ 7.30pm at Cranage Village Hall.

You can also find out more about Cranage Village Hall by visiting their website: here>>>