Roundabout Tidy Up – The Result!

Cranage Parish Council Roundabout Tidy Up

roundabout1Cranage Residents Take Action

Cranage residents got together to spruce up the roundabout on Needham Drive that had become unsightly over a number of years. The roundabout had become overgrown with weeds and brambles and was an eyesore for anyone living on the estate.

roundabout2A group of approximately twenty Cranage people got together over a number of weekends to turn an ugly duckling into a swan. The work involved hacking back the overgrown weeds and bushes, removing all of the roots and debris and digging in compost and fertiliser. At this stage one resident commented that it was now probably the best soil in the whole area.

roundabout3The final stages were to cover the roundabout in weed suppressing membrane, plant a range of low growing and easily maintainable shrubs and finally to cover the membrane with a layer of decorative slate.

This was extremely hard work but the community spirit displayed by adults and children who all helped in the transformation made the aches and pains worthwhile.

roundabout4Special thanks go to Councillor George Yarwood and Needham Drive resident Richard Hughes who not only did the physical labour but also supplied the equipment and expertise to complete the job and dispose of the debris.

Also thanks to Cranage Parish Council who kindly donated the funds to pay for the plants, membrane and slate.