Roundabout Tidy Up – Nearly There!

Cranage Parish Council Roundabout Tidy Up

Cranage Parish Council Roundabout Tidy UpWe’re nearly there!!!

We made great progress last Sunday clearing out all of the debris and killing the remaining weeds and we now have a nice base to work with. The final stage is to actually get some new plants put in and I’m asking for one last push from everyone to complete the job.

This Sunday
4th September at 10:00

we’d like┬áto complete the following tasks:

  • Redistribute the soil a little to get a slightly flatter surface that will help when we add the final slate dressing
  • Lightly fork in some fertiliser (bone meal)
  • Cover the surface with weed suppressing membrane to stop any future weed growth
  • Plant the plants through the membrane (whoo hoo)
  • Cover the membrane with a slate dressing.
  • Have a celebratory drink!!

If you’re available to help please bring spades and forks.

Hope to see you there for this last piece of work…

Lee Dooley