Parish Meeting: Annual Minutes 23rd April 2019

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held 23rd April 2019 at Cranage Village Hall

Present: Councillor R Hocknell who chaired the meeting, Councillor R Hurst, Councillor M Cohen, Councillor M Hodge, Councillor J Swithenbank, Councillor D Bennett, Councillor A Kolker Cheshire East, Cllr L Gilbert Cheshire East and the Clerk.

Public: 12 members of the public

Apologies:   Cllr G Morgan.  

Minutes:  The minutes from 27th April 2018 had been circulated and were signed as a true and accurate record.

Welcome from the Chairman;

The Chairman thanked his Parish Councillors and the Clerk for the past twelve months efforts, while he had served as Chairman. He summarised the past year, and the main actions taken by the Council. There had been an independent traffic survey carried out VTC Consultants to check the traffic statistics on five different roads within the Parish.  This had relevant some statistics which the PC were working on with CE Highways. The football pitches had been drained by a local company and were now in a better playable condition for the children.

After a resident’s approach with an idea to improve outdoor fitness in Cranage there had been an adult fitness area installed on Needham estate with the assistance of lottery funding. The Chairman encouraged the members of the parish to approach the Parish Council with ideas to improve the community.   The speed limit on Northwich Road was still a concern and the Parish Council were still supporting the residents with this concern to Cheshire East highways. The footpath claim by Craver Avenue had been refused by the Cheshire East, Public Right of Way department, but the Parish Council had appealed the refusal and were awaiting a decision from the inspector. This also led to the adverse possession claim on the land behind Deans Row Cottages and again this was an ongoing issue with the Department of Health in Liverpool.  

Presentation by Lucinda Hodges, Waste Education Officer, Ansa Environmental Services

The presentation was to educate people about the recycling of waste process across the borough. The presentation was carried out in many primary and secondary schools in Cheshire East. There was a different process in Cheshire West, e.g. the different glasses were separated further which did lead to a purer recycled product. The recycling waste was moved from households to Middlewich where it was unloaded and bulked up into Jenkins vehicles. The scheme is operated by UPM Shotton in North Wales, who process the recycling the council collects and pass it on to local re processors to be recycled into new products. The materials that cannot be recycled are processed at Energy from Waste facilities and used to create electricity which goes in to the National Grid.

There is a large paper mill and a small recycling plastic centre. The sections are aluminium cans, steel cans, six different plastics and cardboard, all of these except for steel tins travel within a 50-mile radius from the recycling plant. 

There was a questions and answer session where the following discoveries were made;

  1. Shredded paper should go into the black bin
  2. Hard plastic should not be recycled
  3. Ideally food tins and plastic should be cleaned first
  4. glitter cards are not suitable for recycling

The next stage of recycling process was that CE was due to recycle food waste. Each household was due to be given a small caddie for the kitchen and this would have a plastic degradable insert to place the food in to avoid mess, then each household would then put this in the ‘brown’ garden waste bin. The collection of these bins would not cease over the winter period. DEFRA were in the process of approving the scheme due to cross contamination of food waste.

Nappies still raised concern with land fill as each new baby created approximately 5,000 nappies from birth, there was an option of washable nappies of which 250 families undertook this option last year.

The Chairman thanked the speaker for the interesting presentation.

Village Hall presentation from Mr John Halstead

The was a brief summary on the history and the events being held over the next six months.

Open forum 

There were many concerns in reference to the Motor cross activity by the M6. The noise and the lack of health and safety concerned many local people.

The lorry advertising trailers along the M6 again were a concern as there were now 5 in situ which recently had changed position.

Meeting closed at 8.50 pm

Tea and Coffee were served for everybody.