Parish Meeting: Annual Minutes 18th April 2017

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Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held 18th April 2017 at Cranage Village Hall

Present: Councillor R Hurst who chaired the meeting, Councillor R Hocknell, Councillor G Morgan, Councillor M Hodge and the Clerk.

A member of the press was present.

18 members of the public

Apologies Ms J Lanni

Minutes the minutes from 19th April 2016 had been circulated and were signed as a true and accurate record.

The Chairman welcomed everybody to the meeting. She summarised the past twelve months. There was unrest in the Parish, in relation, to the ‘Sibelco’ planning application and she made everyone aware that it was due to be re considered within the next few weeks when the new application was submitted. There was no Neighbourhood Plan in place or progress in Cranage and although the Parish Council had asked several times for support with this venture there had been no volunteers and if it was to proceed members of the public needed to take actions and put forward their details.

The Parish Council had supported the reduction in the speed limit along Northwich Road and the 50 mph would be implemented soon. The Council would like to consider the possibility of installing a membrane along the grass verge to assist the school children when walking along the road for the bus.

Cllr Hurst summarised the history of the paddock at Middlewich Road and ensured the public the Parish Council were endeavouring to pursue the best possible solution.

She went on to remind the public present that the elections were next year and the Parish Council, as of this evening, had three vacancies and if anybody wished to join, would they please contact the Clerk for an application form. It was noted the last time there was a contested election was in 1987.

Presentation by Clare Hewson

Clare wished to install an adult fitness centre on Needham estate adjacent to the new play area. She felt there was a gap for children over 9 years of age and adults. The statistics of adults and children’s behaviour nationally in relation to fitness was concerning. Many sat in front of a computer for nearly 9 hours a day then slept for an average of 6/7 hours which if no exercise was taken was potentially as bad as smoking 20 cigarettes a day. Adults were not designed to sit for any longer than 20 minutes a day. Exercise prompts;

  • Boosts brain power
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves relationships
  • Prevents heart disease
  • Boosts performance
  • Improves your mood and releases endorphins

The presentation gave examples of what equipment could be utilised within the space we have available in Cheshire East ownership. The slide gave a comprehensive feel to what each piece of equipment could give benefits with exercise routines. Clare offered to take classes around the site if the project was approved.

The Chairman thanked CH for her presentation.

Presentation from Laura Walkerdine – Events Committee for the Village Hall

There were four members to the team. There were all recently new to the area and last year, to bring the community together, organised a Queens 90th Birthday event. It was a great success and brought many members of Cranage together. This led to forming a committee in September 2016 which had subsequently organised a quiz at Christmas and a St Patricks Day event which were again a great success. Nearly 100 residents had attended both events. There was a website and a face book page to follow to make the community aware of up and coming events. Cranage was a large rural parish which had no central hub so communication was very difficult , so support from anybody from the audience would be greatly appreciated. The main event in the future was a Beer Festival on 25/27th August.

The Chairman thanked LW for her attendance.

Question and Answer session

Residents had the opportunity to ask questions on the last 12 months.

Mrs J Wild had the following issues –

  • M6 screening on Oak Tree Lane – support from the PC with Highways England and Cheshire East Council in relation to the noise and lights caused by the M6 Smart Motorway and the pollution levels on Oak Tree Lane and Northwich Road. The new compound also caused concerns. The implementation of ‘Looking after your Neighbours’ did not seem to be including Cranage.
  • The ‘No Objection’ submission to the Parish Council in relation to the ‘Sibeloco ‘ sand quarry planning application in Cranage
  • The lack of a conclusion to preserve the paddock land at Middlewich Road after the public outcry when the Parish Council nearly sold it.

A resident from Northwich road –

  • The speed reduction implementation date and the requirement for a 40 mph limit not a 50mph.
  • A speed camera is required

A resident from Byley Lane –

  • The speed was of great concern.

A resident from Twemlow Lane –

  • The speed of the traffic and the new proposed developments was of concern

Meeting closed at 9.20pm