New Platt Lane Closure

I hope you are all well in the current situation with Covid-19.

I’m emailing to give an update regarding the road closure on New Platt Lane. As some of you may know the last closure date was up till Friday the 27th of April. We had completed work as per our original scheme agreed by the council, but prior to us opening the road Cheshire West requested to look over the work first.

This was completed yesterday, but from this viewing the Cheshire West representative has asked for additional work to be completed, this includes white lining, cutting back of trees and additional barrier work further to the original planned. They have decided that we are not to open the road until the additional work is done. With this in mind to allow people to carry out the work safely the road will continue to be closed until Friday the 1st of May.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this delay and will update you as soon as I can if any of this changes.


Karen Jinks

Site Manager
Rudheath Lodge Quarry