Minutes: Parish Council Meeting 26th February 2019


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Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 26th February 2019 at Cranage Hall Hotel.


Part 1


Councillor R J Hocknell- Chairman

Councillor D Bennett,

Councillor M Cohen,

Councillor M Hodge

Councillor R Hurst,

Councillor G Morgan

Councillor J Swithenbank

Councillor A Kolker - Cheshire East Representative (arrived late due to other meeting)

Ms J Mason – Clerk   


Declaration of Interest

Cllr M Hodge – Sibelco, Cllr G Morgan – Sibelco and Cllr D Bennett – Smart Motorway


Public Forum

5 members of the public present.

A resident read out comments from a neighbour who lived on Northwich Road, in relation to the speed limit of 50mph and the wish to have the support of the Parish Council to have it reduced to 40 mph. Another resident from Northwich Road supported the same view and said he was very concerned after recently moving to the area that there were cars and motor bikes travelling at great speed. There were children living there and it was dangerous if the gates were not closed to his house. It was acknowledged the road met the speed management criteria.

A resident wished to complain no actions had been taken with the gap under the gates which gained access to the M6.  




14/19 Minutes

Cllr R Hurst proposed some spelling errors which were accepted.

Cllr M Hodge wished the word ‘deter’ substituting under 04/19 reference Signage on Goostrey Lane

and the correct spelling of’ McCann’ in 11/19.

Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 15th January 2019 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.


15/19 Unregistered Land behind Deans Cottages

Cllr G Morgan had enquired about the land registration documents with Hill Dickenson solicitors and would now contact Cheshire East Council.


16/19 Highways

Northwich Road

The email (circulated) and comments from the public forum time were discussed including the offer to write to all the residents along Northwich Road to enquire if they supported the speed reduction to 40mph and where to register their complaints.

Resolved the Parish Council supported the reduction of speed to 40mph on Northwich Road.

Resolved the Clerk would contact the concerned resident from Northwich Road and agree that an insert was placed in the next newsletter to reference support of the speed reduction to 40 mph.

Cllr A Kolker agreed it met all the criteria and would also pursue after the letter had been delivered.     

Leese Crossroads

It was noted that the white lines at both junctions had been renewed and the situation had been improved.

Hard Standing outside Cranage Hall Hotel

It was noted that the Clerk had contacted Mr R Welch CE twice and was yet to receive a response. It was agreed she would ask for support from Cllr A Kolker.

Gully on Armistead Way – 3337227

Still outstanding.

RAG Update

Cllr MH reported the case was still with the Environmental Law Foundation and awaiting an answer from their barrister.

Cranage Trading Park

Due to the number of complaints in reference to the traffic, Cllr M Hodge, Cllr A Kolker, the proprietor from the CTP and the auctioneers had met on 25th January to find a solution (notes circulated).  It had been agreed that all vehicles visiting the site would park within the curtilage of the site on a field.  This had rectified the situation, but the Parish Council had received a complaint in reference to the planning permission.

Cllr AK had responded that they had A1, A3, B1, B2, B8, D2 but needed to apply to hold the auction as it was operating under the 28 days rule which was not ideal.

Resolved the Clerk would contact the owner to discuss further and inform him of the information.

Resolved the Clerk would respond to the complaint with actions  

BT Inspection cover WM1NLU78

Cllr RH reported this had been actioned.

Gully outside 9 Needham Drive 3353120


17/19 Annual Parish Meeting

The meeting was to be held on the 23rd April 2019 and it was agreed the venue would be the Village Hall.  

Cllr MC offered to organise a speaker for the homelessness. It was agreed if this was not successful the Clerk would contact ANSA.


The articles to be written were discussed.


Elections and Accounts - the Clerk, Sibelco - Cllr M Cohen, Chairman Report – Cllr R Hocknell, Footpaths – Cllr R Hurst, Highways – Cllr D Bennett

Articles to be added litter pick, change of meeting venue and an advert for the Village Hall   


18/19 Footpath and tree Report

Holly Hedges along A50

Highways had reported the hedges were satisfactory.

Footpath Claim – Carver Ave/ Byley Lane/Crescent Avenue Ref FPS/R0660/14A/2

Cllr RH reported that the appeal had been submitted. If anyone wished to comment the deadline was 15th March 2019. The inspector had not requested any extra information and the result would be reported within six months.

Officers Report

 There are two current hedgerow issues on the A50 whilst the impediment of the footpath is not a major issue during daylight hours, during darkness they are hazardous to pedestrians


  • Parts of the hedgerow that runs alongside the Carver Avenue woodland need cutting back in some areas.
  • Technically on the Holmes Chapel side of the A50, the left-hand hedgerow immediately after Riverside cottages when heading towards the Holmes Chapel is an issue – this is a hawthorn hedge where a 10-20-yard stretch is projecting onto the pavement at around head height, hence needs prompt attention.

Resolved the Clerk would report to highways and HCPC.

Congleton Ramblers Report

A report had been submitted and circulated to members


19/19 GDPR

Use of personally owned computer equipment for Council business’ forms were circulated and signed by members.

The housekeeping was virtually completed, and the Retention Document would be published before the next meeting.

Resolved the Parish Council would retain sent emails for 6 years.

There was a requirement for a computer company to check the ‘back up’ was in place and ensure the ‘fire wall’ was operating. As part of the retention document the holding a period of emails also needed attention and there was no trigger to change the password on a regular basis.   

A contract was being devised between the newsletter provider and the website host.   The Clerk had also visited the archives in Chester to deposit some records.


20/19 Planning Applications

  • 19/0728C Holly Tree Cottage, Twemlow Lane, Cranage CW4 8 DR- proposed demolition of existing attached garage and storage building and erection of single and two storey Resolved No Objection
  • 19/0736C Holly Tree Cottage, Twemlow Lane, Cranage CW4 8DR – proposed storage building

Resolved No Objection

  • 19/0836C Hollins Farm, Twemlow Lane, Cranage CW4 8GE – outline planning permission for a farm worker dwelling adjacent to the farmstead.

Resolved No objection with comments

  • 19/0800C J & S M Hocknell, Hollins Farm, Twemlow Lane, Cranage CW4 8GE – the application is for a portal frame building to house calves, the unit has grown steadily over the years and currently stands 400 head of cattle. The current site is hard standing where we store machinery.
  • Resolved No Objection

Oak Tree Lane – it had been reported activity was happening at the site that seemed to have no planning permission.

It was noted Cllr AK had reported to enforcement.

17/3605W Sibelco application

It was noted it was due to be heard on the 27th February again at Cheshire East due to the environmental agency report addition and Cllr M Cohen would be speaking on the behalf of the PC.

Manchester Airport s106

No actions


21/19 Accounts   

It was noted the balance of account = Leek United £30,488.46 + Natwest £31,839.16 = £62,327.62.


  • Cheque number 258 - £40.00 ICO
  • Cheque number 257 - £200.00 Somerford Parish Council (GDPR Officer)
  • Cheque number 259 - £50.00 North West Air Ambulance Charity


  • £1,476.18 SPC


Resolved the above payments are approved and signed for as a true and accurate record.

North West Air Ambulance donation

Resolved the Parish Council would donate £50.00.


22/19 Memorial Bench

Cllr R Hurst update members on the contact she had with the family and the emails which had been submitted.  

Resolved the bench would be sited to the south side of the entrance of the Needham estate by the gate.

Resolved the Parish council would pay for the siting of the bench and add it to the insurance policy including fixed assets.


23/19 Cheshire East

Resolved to suspend the Standing Orders to accept a report from the Ward Councillor A Kolker.

Cllr AK wished to assure members that despite the rumours it was very unlikely that car parking charges would be enforced in Holmes Chapel as most of the car parks were privately owned.

He confirmed the budget had been approved and the Council Tax would increase by 2.99% of which 1% would be ring fenced for children in care.  

He confirmed the planning permission at Cranage Trading Park.   


24/19 Chairman and Members Report.

Town and Parish Conference 6th March 2019

Resolved the Chairman would attend

Meeting Venue change to Cranage Hall Hotel

There was a debate on the change of venue from the Village Hall. Cllr RH was concerned about the change if an interest was shown if a planning application was submitted.   

Resolved the Parish Council would change venue to Cranage Hall Hotel depending on feedback from the newsletter.

Police Forum 4.2.19

Cllr DB attended and reported the details.


25/19 Clerks Report

Elections 2019

The Clerk was attending a briefing on 28th February 2019

Code of Conduct training 7th March

Resolved Cllr G Morgan will attend depending on times.

Black book  

The Clerk explained the details and the purpose. It was agreed the Clerk would purchase the book for the Parish Council.


Public Forum

There was a comment in reference to the memorial bench.

There was a request to Cllr AK in reference to the advertising trailers along the M6.


26/19 The next meeting would be on the 26th March 2019 @ Cranage Hall Hotel.


Meeting closed at 9.30pm