Minutes: Parish Council Meeting 16th January 2018

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 16th January 2018 at Cranage Village Hall.


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Declaration of Interest

Cllr M Hodge and Cllr G Morgan- 17/3605W

Cllr R Hurst – Village Hall Committee

Cllr D Bennett (co opted at this meeting) – FOI in relation to M6 noise


Public Forum

9 members present.

A resident wished to query item 4 on the agenda in reference to a Freedom of Information request to Highways England. He could not understand why there was a cost involved, why the Parish Council were involved as it was as simple task to fulfil? He went on to explain the noise statistics produced from Highways England.


The ‘Residents Action Committee’ for the Smart Motorway had distributed a survey to all the households west of the A50 – 350 in total, to establish if they were affected by the noise and pollution from the M6. 152 have been returned and 140 agreeing they were being affected. When a full response had been completed Cllr M Hodge had been asked to verify the results and a data base established. There was an offer for the Parish Council to read the results.


A resident wished to complain about the trouble certain individuals present this evening made for the Parish Council. He thought no matter which resolutions the Parish Council made they would always be criticised and the Cranage Parish Chronicle was just a platform to find fault with the Councillors. He urged new members not to take head.


A resident wished to ask why the Parish Council would complete a Neighbourhood Plan if Jodrell Bank objected to every application.

It was noted that a Neighbourhood Plan was not a process to stop planning applications.


A resident wished the Council to explain the increase in the precept for 2018/19.

The Chairman responded and explained the capital reserve figure.


Part 1

Present Councillor R Hurst (who chaired the meeting),Councillor R J Hocknell Councillor J Swithenbank, Councillor M Hodge, Councillor G Morgan, Councillor M Cohen , Councillor D Bennett (co-opted at this meeting) , Councillor A Kolker ( Cheshire East Council) and the Clerk.


Apologies – NIL


01/18 Minutes

Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 28th November 2017 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.


02/18 Councillor Co-option

Cllr M Cohen proposed Mr Bennett and Cllr J Swithenbank seconded

VOTE – Unanimous.

Resolved Mr Damian Bennett, ‘Ashlings’, 61, Northwich Road, Cranage WA16 9LE was co-opted on to the Parish Council.

Cllr D Bennett signed the Acceptance of Office and was given a Register of Interest for completion within 28 days.


03/18 Neighbourhood Plan

There had been no progress with the NP since the last meeting and no meeting had been held. Cllr G Morgan still wished to pursue but had been having issues with her emails.

It would be carried over until the next meeting.


04/18 Freedom of Information request to Highways England

The Clerk had retrieved three quotes to carry out the works from Hepworth Acoustics Ltd, Hann Tucker Associates and Miller Goodall ; all circulated to members.

Cllr M Hodge explained that the FOI request was necessary as they required specific information with advice from a consultant. He asked for the Parish Councils support to carry out the request on behalf of the residents.

Cllr M Cohen proposed the Parish Council donated £1,000 as a maximum and the residents would choose which company to instruct.

Cllr J Swithenbank seconded the proposal.


Resolved the Parish Council would contribute £1,000 to the cost of a Freedom Information Request.


05/18 Village Hall

Mr J Halstead, from the Village Hall committee, had requested the support of the Parish Council with obtaining the use of Cheshire East land to the north of the Village Hall. The Caravan Club brought large revenue each year to the Village Hall and there were new regulations due to be launched in relation to the distance between caravans when on site. This would lead to the car park not being big enough to accommodate the club and he did not want to lose them.

Resolved The Parish Council agreed with the support of Cllr A Kolker they would approach Cheshire East and seek options available.


06/18 Footpaths and Tree Report

Resolved the Standing Orders were suspended to accept a report from the Footpath Officer

The Parish Council accepted the report from Mr T Sheldon – the main concerns were the weather impact on the footpaths and again the standard of the Hermitage Lane bridleway was very poor.

  • Cllr RH updated the Council on the works that should have been carried out by Cheshire East on the open woodland adjacent to the Village Hall/Needham estate. She had met with Mr Kevin Thelwell and had agreed what programme of works which would be dealt with first.
  • Footpath behind Deans Cottages

The Clerk had written to the Planning Inspectorate at Temple Quay to complain about the length of time Cheshire East had taken to determine the addition of a footpath from Carver Avenue/ Crescent Road, Cranage to Byley Lane. The deadline of response from Cheshire East was 09.01.18 of which had been circulated. The Inspector would now make his decision hopefully by February.

It was noted that the footpath had been scored 3 from 53 but CE indicted it would still be over 18 months before being considered.

  • Consultation on the proposed diversion of Cranage Public Footpath No3 (part). Highways Act 1980 S119 – Glebe Farm CW4 8EF

Resolved No objection with comments


07/18 Highways

Quotes for traffic monitors throughout the Parish

There had been three quotes obtained to gain traffic surveys throughout the parish;

  1. VTC Consultancy
  2. Vantage Surveys
  • Transport Collection

Resolved the Parish Council would instruct VTC Consultancy.

Hermitage Lane

Cllr R Hocknell had met with Barry Poole from PROW on 6.12.17 and they had agreed to improve the road with a small digger if the Parish Council were willing to purchase some hard core to fill in on the track.

Resolved the Parish Council would purchase the stone at a maximum cost of £350 and arrange for PROW to carry out the work to improve the track by the Hermitage.


Accident at Goostrety Lane /A50 junction 15.01.16

The police informed the Clerk of an accident at the junction involving a Range Rover Evoque and a Vauxhall Corsa. No one was seriously hurt, thankfully. This was the eighth accident at the junction.

The details had been taken for an insurance claim as the Cheshire Railings had been damaged.


08/18 Adult Fitness Area

The Clerk had obtained three quotes for the same eight pieces of equipment with flooring from;


A full report had been circulated to members.

The Clerk had applied to ‘Active Minds’ and been unsuccessful.

Cllr M Cohen proposed ‘Pentagon’ were instructed depending on lottery funding is gained.

Cllr R Hurst seconded the proposal


Resolved the Clerk would instruct Pentagon depending on grant funding being achieved.

Resolved the Clerk would apply to Manchester Airport for funding.

The Chairman agreed to read the report before Pentagon were instructed


09/18 Planning Applications

  • 17/3605W Land at Rudheath Lodge, New Platt lane, Cranage and Allostock CW4 8HJ – Silica sand extraction and associated development, mineral extraction by dredging progressive restoration, mineral processing and dispatch.

It was noted that due to lack of comments from statutory consultees this was due to be deferred to the Strategic Planning Board in February or possibly March.

  • 17/6459C Fern Leigh, New Platt Lane, Cranage CW4 8HS – Construction of detached garage and proposed entrance gate.

Resolved No Objection

  • 17/6178C 6,Byley Lane, Cranage CW4 8EL. Proposed second storey rear extension and new single story side extension.

Resolved No Objection


10/18 Accounts

It was noted the balance of account = Leek United £30,275.36 + Natwest £39,365.03 = £69,640.39


Cheque number

199 – £4,159.46 Mrs J Mason (Clerks salary for four parish councils Sept to Dec)

200 – £1,100.35 HMRC

201 – £71.19 Mrs J Mason expenses (Sept to Dec)


  • £1,747.47 Newbold Astbury cum Moreton Parish Council
  • £793.40 Hulme Walfield & Somerford Booths Parish Council
  • £1,213.19 Somerford Parish Council

Resolved the above payments are approved and signed for as a true and accurate record.

It was noted Congleton Town Council would not be paid due to the works being still outstanding.


Cllr M Hodge was now an additional signature.


11/18 Cheshire East

Resolved to suspend the Standing Orders to accept a report from the Ward Councillor A Kolker

Speed update from G Williams Highways CE on Northwich Road – email was circulated in the meeting and the Parish Council was asked to return feedback. The Speed Management Strategy was referred which was the basis to CE to decline the 40 mph limit.

Response from Sean Hannaby in relation to M6 – not actioned will agenda for next meeting

17/5550C Hall Farm, Cranage CW4 8EU – The clerk asked for support with the allocation of S106 monies to the improvement of the roads upon approval.

Sign Cleaning in Cranage – CPC had attended a site visit with highways in May and then reported all the signs across the Parish no actions taken, CPC had then been identified for a sign cleaning project in October but there had been still no actions taken. The Chairman asked for an update from AK after an email.

Cllr A Kolker updated members on the progress with the 319 bus in and around Holmes Chapel.


12/18 Training Policy

Resolved the policy would be accepted by Full Council.


13/18 Chairman and Members Report

Code of Conduct Course

There was a reminder of the course on Friday.

Police Forum Meeting

Cllr M Cohen had attended the meeting on Monday 15th January in H/C. He fed back the meeting and the figures presented by the police it was encouraging that the anti social behaviour figures had improved. The police had provide a form to complete with areas of concern within the Parish this was passed to the Clerk for completion.


14/18 Clerks Report

It was noted the bowling club had the necessary insurance cover in place.


15/18 The next Parish Council Parish Meeting would be on the 27th February 2018 @ 7.30pm in Cranage Village Hall.

Meeting closed at 9.36 pm.