Minutes: Parish Council 23rd October 2018

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 23rd October 2018 at Cranage Village Hall.


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Part 1

Present Councillor R J Hocknell (who chaired the meeting), Councillor R Hurst, Councillor D Bennett, Councillor M Hodge, Councillor D Bennett, Councillor A Kolker – Cheshire East Representative and the Clerk.

Mr C Rayner from TWM Traffic Management Control Systems Ltd.


Declaration of Interest

Cllr D Bennett – Smart M6, Cllr R Hurst – Cranage Village Hall and Cllr M Hodge – Sibelco


Public Forum

4 members of the public present.

There were concerns about Cranage Haulage due to the speed and volume of the lorries leaving and entering the site. The poor road surface was reported on the bridge over the M6. It was queried if planning persimmon had been sought to carry out this activity on Holly House Estate.

There was a vote of thanks to the Parish Council for all the work they had recently carried out after the individual had read a letter on the Cranage Parish Chronicle website (a resident’s website) berating the actions of the Parish Council.

A resident noted there had been no actions taken about the five advertising trailers on the side of the M6 and wanted it noted one could not be seen due to fencing. The Clerk responded it had been reported to planning enforcement and they had attended site, but it was hard to prove the trailers never moved and the officer from CE was awaiting an outcome in another unitary authority. She advised she would follow up the issue.

Apologies – Cllr G Morgan due to ill health.


105/18 Minutes

Cllr R Hurst proposed two amendments which were accepted by full Council.

Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 11th September 2018 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.


106/18 Speed Display Unit

Resolved to suspend the Standing Orders to accept a report from the Mr C Raynor from TWM Traffic Control Systems.

There was a presentation given to the members on speed devices available to Parish Councils as they were considering purchasing a unit on Northwich Road due to the recent feedback from residents. The Mini 300 was explained in detail and the settings which could be utilised. The options of battery, electric or solar powers units were explained. The functions on how to download the data was discussed and the option of having the data downloaded remotely via blue tooth was a possibility. They also had a gateway boundary sign available which was static but effective when entering villages. You could put the SDU on a post but also invest in a mobile device that could be moved to different locations. There had been advice given to the Clerk that Cheshire East were discouraging the installation of SDUs and writing a new policy. Prices were discussed.

There was a question and answer session.

The Chairman requested Cllr A Kolker would speak to CE and asked if their support would be given if the PC decided to purchase a unit for Northwich Road.


107/18 VTC Consultants Ltd

The Clerk, following from advice and information supplied by Mr J Carruthers from VTC, had made enquires with CE Highways.

Twemlow Lane

This would not pass the guidelines on the Speed Strategy Management to enforce a reduction in speed to 30mph, so it was pointless installing another counter.

Hard standing Bus Stops for school children.

The Clerk had received incorrect contact details initially but after a conversation with Mr R Welch highways officer he wanted exact locations on a map to proceed further. Cranage Hall Hotel are very supportive in allocating some of their land to the project as concerns had alerted them when arriving on site the safety of the children.

Resolved the Chairman and the Clerk would carry out a site visit to determine locations.

Speed Display Unit on Northwich Road

Resolved Cllr A Kolker would gain clarity from highways on the SDU and the speed reduction to 40mph.

Goostrey Lane / Middlewich Road/A50 junction

The new signage and white lines would be installed in December.


108/18 Highways

Accident on Leese Crossroads on 22nd September

A vehicle travelling along Middlewich Road from A50 direction did not realise there was a junction. The sign before the bend and the and the Give Way sign were missed.

The white lines are none existent and the hedges needed cutting back.

Resolved the Clerk would speak with highways and ask for hedges to be cut back.

Accident on A50 on 22nd September at 8.30pm.

There was an agricultural trailer and a car in collision. It seemed the agricultural vehicle was turning left and the car collided with it and spun around giving severe impact damage. The occupants of the car, an elderly couple were trapped, and the emergency services were called. Sadly, the lady passenger in the car had died at the scene.

RAG update

Cllr M Hodge update the PC that there had been a meeting with RAG and Fiona Bruce MP on 14th September. She advised there was little more she could do to support the group and the only alternative available was legal action. There was the Design Manual for Roads 2008 which is the latest edition and that it imposes a legal obligation of Highways England, RAG would send a letter outlining the case and she would forward it to the Minister. Cllr AK was getting formal support from CE Environmental Health especially regarding the WHO guidelines regarding safe night noise of 40db.

Blocked gullies on Armistead Way 3337227

Ref; still not actioned


109/18 Bowling Club

The Clerk and Cllr R Hurst had carried out the landlord check on 01.10.18 with three of the Bowling Club members. The Clerk reported outstanding issues form the documented report.

Resolved the Clerk would take appropriate actions to resolve the reported issues.

The BC wished cars to drive on to site to deliver food and drinks for functions and to allow disabled players to be dropped off. Due to two play areas either side the Parish Council stated no vehicles would be allowed to drive to the gate of the site except for the maintenance vehicles.

They requested a light on the car park and the hedges cut back around the small play area.


110/18 Adult Fitness Area

The works had commenced on site on Thursday 18th October and were due for completion this week.

A resident living on the estate had requested lighting on site to deter anti-social behaviour.

The Chairman and Clerk would visit the site and review.


111/18 Footpath and Tree Report

The Chairman commented on the officers submitted written report;

  • Drainage work on football pitches were paying dividends. After the heavy rain ten days ago there showed no drainage issues the following weekend and the pitches are in excellent condition – noted.
  • The gate post to the entrance gate where council grass cutters access the Cranage playing fields has rotted through and the gate has fallen over. Fence post needs replacing- Clerk to report
  • The diverted pathway around Glebe Farm has now been surfaced with hard core and excess growth of nettles / weeds has been cut back which is a vast improvement – noted.
  • Over the past two months the work on Hermitage bridge over the River Dane has been completed but except for a pile of soil that is blocking half of the track. The soil was intended to build up the bank-side at the base of the bridge but with the recent rain this pile of soil is starting to create a lot of mud that pedestrians need to walk through. The pile of soil needs removing. – Clerk to report.

Holly Hedge along A50 footpaths – the barn in ownership has been addressed but the rented barn still not cut back. – Clerk to pursue.

Woodland by Village HallCllr R Hurst to follow up.

Fencing by River Dane fallen over Clerk reported

Footpath Claim- Carver Avenue/ Byley Lane/Crescent Avenue

This will be heard at the Public Right of Way Committee on 4th December.

The Clerk had written a letter drafted by Cllr G Morgan to the solicitor representing the Secretary of State encouraging them to register the land.


112/18 General Data Protection

The Clerk updated the members that John Henry had attended her office and carried out a full audit check on 18th October. It was very thorough and seemed to be of great benefit. The report on actions to be taken will be received in 3/4 weeks.

113/18 Planning Applications

  • 18/4700C Wood Corner, Goostrey Lane, Cranage CW4 8HD – replacement dwelling.

Resolved No Objection

  • 18/4561C Mill Run, Twemlow Lane, Cranage CW4 8EX – removal of existing and construction of new front elevation

Resolved No Objection

  • 18/5291C Harley House, 20 Northwich Road, Cranage, CW4 8HL – construction of new detached house- resubmission of application 18/3070C.

Resolved No Objection

Sibelco application in Cheshire West – Cllr M Cohen update members on the progress with CW Strategic Planning Board hearing date and the reasons as to why it had not been placed on the agenda. The EA report still had not been submitted. He was still due to speak on Allostock PC’s behalf.


114/18 Audit 2017/18

The audit of accounts for Cranage Parish Council for the year ended 31 March 2018 have been completed and the accounts have been published.  In accordance with the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015, as soon as possible after conclusion of audit, the small relevant authority has published, which includes their website, the Notice of Conclusion of Audit advising that the audit has been completed and the following requisite information: Certified AGAR (Sections 1, 2 & 3) of the Annual Governance & Accountability Return including issues arising from the audit (if any).The documents must be published for at least 14 days and made available for public access for not less than 5 years.

Resolved the external audit was accepted.


115/18 Accounts

It was noted the balance of account = Leek United £30,488.46 + Natwest £52,399.67 = £88,698.13.


  • Cheque number 246 – £1,290.95 HMRC
  • Cheque number 247 – £4,519.05 Mrs J Mason
  • Cheque number 248 – £140.00 Ms S Amies (website)
  • Cheque number 249 – £39.56 Mrs J Mason (expenses from July to Sept)
  • Cheque number 250- £240.00 PKF Little John LLP


  • £1.47 Lloyds Bank PLC
  • £887.88 HW & SB PC
  • £1,586.05 NBACM PC
  • £1,560.05 SPC
  • £1,000 Holmes Chapel Hurricanes Football Club

Resolved the above payments are approved and signed for as a true and accurate record.


116/18 Financial Regulations

The Clerk had proposed some amendments following from the engagement of online banking arrangements. Cllr R Hurst proposed two amendments which were accepted.

Resolved the Financial Regulations would be accepted by full Council.


117/18 Cheshire East

Resolved to suspend the Standing Orders to accept a report from the Ward Councillor A Kolker.

There was a consultation on the HC library opening extra hours on a Wednesday morning.

There was a community governance on boundary changes, it was noted HCPC were endeavouring to take ownership of the new Bloor Homes estate which was on London Road currently in Brereton Parish.

Jodrell Bank was being considered as a World Heritage Site and a technical report was being submitted.


118/18 Chairman and Members Report

Memorial bench – Cllr R Hurst proposed the family wishes were a memorial bench on the entrance of the estate. She would finalise the details before the next meeting.

Annual CHALC meeting 25.10.18 – nobody could attend.

Newsletter – distributed to members for delivery.


119/18 Clerks Report

Hi Vis Jackets for litter collection – Cllr R Hurst confirmed they were available for the litter pickers.

Letter of thanks from Cranage Village Hall – Noted

Natwest on line banking – Cllr M Hodge wished to note there had been access from his own personal online banking to the CPC account but it had now been addressed as it was the banks error.

Public Forum

There had been 340 houses and a Church approved on Byley Lane outside the Parish boundary in CW authority plus a submission of 25 affordable houses on Middlewich Road.

120/18 the next meeting would be on the 20th November 2018 @ Cranage Village Hall.

Meeting closed at 9.20 pm