Meeting with Mr M Hurley from Sibelco

Date- 04.11.16 @ 9.15 am

Venue – 37 Needham Drive

Agenda point – 16/4724W Rudheath Lodge Farm CW4 8HJ

The meeting had been requested by the Chairman to try and negotiate some conditions after the application had been discussed at an extraordinary meeting on 22nd October. The following conditions were put forward –

Operating conditions

  • The parking for delivery lorries to be incorporated within the curtlidge of the site.
  • Operation hours 8am until 6pm.
  • 8 week intensive periods to be scheduled for winter months
  • Lighting – clarity of the scheme.
  • Further detailed discussions to be held between those residents who border the new development and Sibelco to review the proposed screening options including density and distance. Discussions to be facilitated by Cranage Parish Council.

Road and footpath improvements

  • A footpath from New Platt Lane to Goostrey Lane reinstated along the A50.
  • A cycleway established from Twemlow Lane to New Platt Lane along the A50.
  • To extend FP20 from Wood Corner to New Platt Farm across Allostock Parish to link Goostrey Lane to New Platt Lane.
  • To re enforce weight limits and lorry restrictions on the west side of New Platt Lane
  • To make improvements to the Northwich Road / A50 junction as it can have ‘blind spots’ which will be exacerbated by the addition of an increase of heavy lorry traffic.

Community specific

  • Community fund to be established and shared between Cranage, Allostock and Goostrey.
  • A covenant on the land to stop further ribbon development along Goostrey Lane.

There was a discussion with Mr Hurley regarding the concerns of Mr Woods from 6 Goostrey Lane after a prior meeting at their home.

The meeting was concluded that Mr M Hurley would go back to Sibelco and report back to the Parish Council with his findings.