Meeting: VTC Consultancy

Date; 31.01.18 @ 1.30pm

Present; Cllr J Swithenbank, Mr John Carruthers VTC Consultancy and the Clerk

Venue   – Goostrey Leisure and site visits on road identified at the Parish Council meeting.


We met with Mr Carruthers and initially gave the background of the sites identified;

Twemlow Lane – New housing development, complaints from pedestrians in relation to cars speeding and cyclists, possible 30mph from A50 until after housing. SDU when approaching built up area.

Goostrey Lane – number of accidents after approaching the junction with A50 .Perception of speed and possible new development of a sand quarry under application to the north of the road. A warning sign to state junction ahead.

Middlewich Road – Speed perception, vision at junction and signs. SDU – ‘slow down’

Byley Lane – Speed perception, school bus stop, children from Crescent road playing. SDU slow down and speed.

Northwich Road – to pursue the reduction in speed limit to 40mph after Cheshire East felt it is an inappropriate site. Bus stop for school children and no pavement. This will gain evidence to challenge the CE Speed Management Strategy 2016. Speed reduction and SDU

We drove around all the sites and issues raised were explained.

The cost will allow the speed counters, to track speed, type of vehicle and number of movements. JC will allocated time to analyse the results and attend one meeting. There will be a further hourly cost afterwards.


It was concluded that JC would send a map of the parish to the Clerk with where the indicators will be positioned and this will be approved at the next meeting