Meeting: M6 Residents Action Group 25th January 2018

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Meeting Of The M6 Resident’s Action Group 25th January 2018: Decisions And Actions Arising

Present: Inam Choudry, Stuart Jackson, Joan Wild, Peter Wild, Andrew Kolker (CE Councillor), Mike Hodge (CP Councillor)

  1. AK has emailed Ken Edwards, Chairman of a similar M40 Action group which successfully campaigned for a noise reducing barrier near Loudwater. He will forward the anticipated response to Group members. Action AK. The key piece of information required is how Highways England (HE) was persuaded to pay for the barrier. It may be worthwhile one or more of the group meeting Ken Edwards for further advice (to be considered). Action All.
  2. AK will contact Don Stockton (CE Portfolio Holder for the Environment pointing out that the survey sent to Cranage residents living to the west of the A50 shows that a significant number are affected by noise (in many cases affecting sleep, which can cause long term health issues) and pollution and this is an issue which CE needs to take very seriously. He will also copy to other relevant Portfolio Holders and Kath O’Dwyer, Acting Chief Executive. Action AK.
  3. PW will update residents who responded to the survey by letter (or email if details were provided in the response) with a summary of the findings. This will be done shortly after 31st January, the deadline given for replies. Replies received after this date will be added to the database but not published. This letter will be sent to the local press and copied to Fiona Bruce MP. Action PW
  4. It was agreed that the Miller Goodall quote was the most appropriate for the Resident’s Group to adopt as the other two contained inaccuracies and vagueness.
  5. MH will email the other PC members once the full summary is available to request that the full £1400 fee to Miller Goodall for the FOI questions to HE to be formulated, to include the decision for selecting Miller Goodall and to remind the PC of the health and wellbeing statement in the 2017 Business Plan i.e. “The Parish Council continues to seek information and assurances from the relevant authorities as to whether this is the case and if so proved what measures will be taken to mitigate the harmful effects on parishioners”. Action MH.
  6. Whether the Residents’ Group required a formal constitution was discussed. It was agreed that it was not but that agendas would in future be issued (PW) in advance of the meetings and that copies of agendas and minutes would be sent to the Cranage Parish Council Clerk, Julie Mason. Action PW and the minutes writer(s).
  7. MH would prepare the minutes of the current meeting. Action MH.