McCann Working Outside Before 8am

Dear All,

We have written to the Cheshire West Council several letters this week complaining about yet more breaches by this rogue Company.

This time it is the noisy activity before 8am and also the noise of this intrusive pneumatic pecker drill all day every day coupled with constant beeping.

Please if you are near enough and suffering this aural intrusion can you write or email to the council to:

The more pressure we put on the more they are likely to act. So far no actual action has been taken by anyone to stop this.

There are other matters ongoing where the Council have not informed the Parish Council of lighting and hours conditions which is being looked into which may impact on the amenity of the residents if not challenged – no action has yet been taken on this either but we will update you on this when we have further news.

on behalf of
Byley Village Council