Manchester Airport Future Airspace

Dear Sir or Madam,

Further to previous correspondence regarding Manchester Airport’s Future Airspace, I wanted to remind you that the deadline for submitting responses to the first phase of this programme is the 6th October 2019.

To recap, the Government requires Manchester Airport to lead a process of changing the airspace around the airport, which relates to flight paths used by aircraft arriving at or departing from Manchester Airport and flying at heights of up to 7,000ft. There is a clear process for the airport, as change sponsors, to follow, which is set out by the CAA called CAP1616, and this will take more than two years.

Manchester Airport is in the first phase of this process. The first phase within CAP1616 (step 1B) is called “Define” and requires Manchester Airport to agree the broad principles to adopt when designing new flight paths. This is not a formal consultation, but a requirement to develop a good understanding of the “principles” that matter most to the people and organisations affected by the airport’s operations.

It is important that anyone who is interested or has a view can join the conversation, and therefore there is a document outlining the approach and asking people questions about what should be considered at step 1B. This is on our dedicated website at, which has a link to the online form where people can answer the questions ( The document also includes further background and a series of FAQs, which you may find useful if you have further questions.