Local Update

Needham Drive, Armistead Way and Lawrence Close, Local Update

15 faulty street lights, either flashing on and off or not working at all, have been reported to Cheshire East.

  • 7 on Armistead Way
  • 3 on Needham Drive
  • 2 on Lawrence Close
  • 3 on Knutsford Road at the junction with Needham Drive

Street cleaning has been requested for all three roads. This has been completed today 8/2/16

Tim Sheldon (Footpath and Tree Officer) highlighted a problem in his monthly report about the footpaths that run across the open area towards the playground. A request has been submitted to Cheshire East to undertake some maintenance on this path.

The new playground has been partially completed. We are now waiting for some better weather before the base area can be laid and the playground will then be opened.

I’ve received a number of complaints about the heavy goods vehicle that has started parking at the top of Needham Drive. I’ve been given the details of the company involved and I will try to contact them to ask if it could be parked in a more suitable location in future.

Lee Dooley
Cranage Parish Councillor
37 Needham Drive