J18-19 Verges

We are now working in the verges between J18-19 and we are concentrating on drainage, ducting and the construction of the ERAs (emergency refuge areas).

The drainage upgrades are being carried out by contractor DG Cummins who have arranged a short hold tenancy agreement, with the owner of the property at New Farm, for the duration of their works on site.

They are responsible for the management of the property and their access onto Highways England asset (M6).  The photo shows their compound set up.

There is a an ERA being constructed around half way between Northwich and Middlewich Road, work has begun at this but we have also removed some of the soil on the farmland to create a bund for some required for some of the drainage and ducting work. Once the stone is used the land will be reinstated, all of this has been agreed with the farmer.