Forecourt changes at Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport Express Drop Off

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As passenger numbers have grown, we have increasingly experienced major congestion problems on our Terminal forecourts, made worse by a high percentage of visitors repeatedly recirculating at peak times. Although we have invested in various programmes to increase capacity, as much as possible, we are limited by security issues that restrict how close vehicles can get to the Terminal front. The simple fact is our forecourts were not designed to handle the number of vehicles they do today and do not have the capacity to cope with any further growth in the number of people being dropped-off immediately outside our terminals.

We are therefore investing in a dedicated drop-off site, from where a free shuttle service will operate to all three terminals. It is hoped this will contribute to a major reduction in the number of individual vehicles trying to access the most congested parts of our campus.

In parallel, an Express Drop-off charge will be introduced in the areas directly outside our three terminals and Ground Transport Interchange, like those already in place at almost all other UK airports.

As part of these efforts to reduce on-site congestion, we are creating a brand new Public Transport Development Fund, overseen by newly-formed body made up of representatives from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Cheshire East Council and Transport for Greater Manchester. It will work to identify and support initiatives that will improve access to Manchester Airport for passengers and colleagues.

From June if you are looking to drop off or be dropped off at Manchester Airport; this will be possible free of charge at our drop off point or you can choose to pay £3 for five minutes (£4 for ten) to be dropped off outside the Terminal front.

We believe that these changes will free our site from the congestion experienced in recent years and so facilitate smoother journeys for all users.