Footpath 4 in Cranage

[twocol_one]lee-phone-09-09-16-061 lee-phone-09-09-16-056 lee-phone-09-09-16-055[/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]You’ll no doubt be familiar with Cranage Footpath 4 which runs from the A50, down the east side of the River Dane, to the Holmes Chapel boundary and onto the Dane Meadow and the village of Holmes Chapel itself.

In the Dane Meadow project, Cheshire East and Holmes Chapel were able to improve the part of the route which is in the Holmes Chapel Parish. The landowner on the Cranage side has improved the surface of the route to access the new hydro plant.

This then left a section in the middle which is currently muddy and not easily walkable. As this route is used by school children as well as other residents going to and from the village, Cranage Parish Council has agreed to fund the improvement of the surface of the route to a compacted stone surface.

[box border=”full”]Residents with any concerns about pathways in the Cranage Parish, should in the first instance contact Tim Sheldon, the Parish Council Footpath Officer on 01477 534688 or by email[/box]