Minutes: Parish Council Meeting 27th February 2018

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 27th February 2018 at Cranage Village Hall.

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Part 1

Present Councillor R Hurst (who chaired the meeting), Councillor R J Hocknell Councillor J Swithenbank, Councillor M Hodge, Councillor G Morgan, Councillor M Cohen, Councillor D Bennett, Councillor A Kolker (Cheshire East Council), the Clerk, Mr Tim Sheldon arrived at 8.00pm.


Declaration of Interest

Cllr D Bennett – FOI in relation to M6 noise


Public Forum

PCSO Liz Chesters had attended to introduce herself – she gave a brief summary of actions being taken around the area.

8 members present (2 arrived at 9pm and 1 left at 8.00pm).

A resident wished the Parish Council to reconsider the grant of £1,000 allocated to the Smart M6 Resident’s Action Group as he felt it was a misuse of public money and it would not stop at this amount (email had been circulated). He went on to question the accuracy of the survey.

A resident wished it to be noted the fencing around the M40 was very effective.


Apologies – NIL


16/18 Minutes

Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 16th January 2018 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.


17/18 Register of Interest

Cllr D Bennett returned his Register of Interest


18/18 Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr G Morgan circulated a designated map of Cranage for members to approve before it was submitted to Cheshire East.

Members agreed it was a true reflection of the Parish boundary.

A draft questionnaire to send to the public, in the newsletter, was also circulated, members to provide comments to Cllr GM by the weekend.

Resolved when distributed, the initial questionnaire, would be accompanied by a Stamped Addressed Envelope.


19/18 Freedom of Information request to Highways England

Cllr D Bennett, Cllr M Hodge, Cllr J Swithenbank and Cllr R Hocknell had supported this item being revisited on the agenda.

Cllr M Hodge proposed that the Parish Council increased the donation from £1,000 to £1,400.

It was not seconded.

Cllr R Hurst proposed the Parish Council instructed ‘Hann Tucker’ to complete the Freedom of Information request and further actions to Highways England at a cost of £1,950.00 plus VAT. She included a condition that the Resident’s Action Group would deposit £950.00 to the Parish Council before the consultants were instructed.

Cllr G Morgan seconded the proposal.

Resolved the Parish Council would engage ‘Hann Tucker’ subject to the Residents Action Group paying £950.00.

Resolved the Parish Council would write to Fiona Bruce MP to explain the circumstances.


20/18 Footpath and Tree Report

Mr T Sheldon reported on the following items

  1. A50 footpath not addressed by Manor Barns and the hawthorn hedge needed cutting back.
  2. Twemlow Lane – walking on foot concerning as the chevron sign has been removed on the bad bend due to building work and there is no signage. Cllr JS felt this had been a condition of the planning approval and would investigate.
  • Glebe Farm diversion of footpath 3 had almost been completed although not yet adopted.
  1. Hermitage Lane – no hard core had been dropped and the mud clearing was poor – Cllr R Hocknell would address with PROW.
  2. Hawthorn House – the occupiers had closed down the width of the footpath. It was a footpath and not a bridleway. There had been many complaints from residents. Mr M Taylor – PROW was addressing the issue.

Football Pitch Draining

As the local football Coach he asked for support from CPC again with asking Cheshire East to drain the football pitches.

Woodland by Cranage Village Hall

No action to date

Dog Fouling

Cllr M Cohen was concerned about the amount of negligent dog walkers in the Parish. He had obtained some signs and wished it to be added to the next newsletter.

21/18 Highways

Locations of traffic counters for VTC Consultants

Cllr J Swithenbank and the clerk had met with John Carruthers on 06.02.18. A map had been circulated and members agreed the positions

Accidents on the Middlewich Road/ Goostrey Lane/ A50 junction

There had been another accident at the crossroads this month. The Parish Council requested support from the PCSO and Cllr A Kolker. The white lines needed improving especially the SLOW sign and increase in signage on Goostrey Lane. Cllr M Cohen wished it to be noted the junction was not on some SATNAVs.

It was agreed the Clerk would report.

Hermitage Lane / Twemlow Lane pot holes

These had been reported by the Clerk but still needed action.

Insurance Claim for Cheshire Railings

The claim was still with the third party insurers. The Clerk had submitted to quotes to have the repairs completed.

Farm traffic

The mud on the road was escalating due to farm traffic on Middlewich Road. Cllr MC would try and investigate the farmer responsible.

Sign Cleaning

Cllr A Kolker reported this would be actioned by the end of the financial year.


22/18 Adult Fitness Area

Pentagon Fitness had been instructed dependant on lottery funding being obtained. The clerk had tried three other funding options, Veolia (refused), Garfield Weston (refused) and Manchester Airport (still awaiting a result).


23/18 Planning Applications

  • 18/0610C Cranage Mill, Knutsford Road, Cranage CW4 8EE – Erect an additional warehouse for more bag storage and increase our vehicle parking area.

Resolved No Objection

  • 18/0632C 2 Deans Row, Knutsford Road Cranage CW4 8ES – retrospective application for a single storey rear extension to provide living room and ground floor toilet.
  • Resolved No Objection
  • 18/0673C Chestnut Farm, Knutsford Road, Cranage CW4 8HJ – Replacement dwelling ( resubmission of 17/5265C)

Resolved No Objection

  • 18/0197C 22 Byley Lane, Cranage CW4 8EL – The addition of a UPVC widow on the south elevation

Resolved No Objection

  • 18/0892C Rose Cottages , Sandy Lane , Cranage CW4 8HN – Construction of a new residential dwellings and woodland maintenance

Resolved No Objection


Cllr R Hurst wished it to be noted she had received a complaint from a local resident on Byley Lane in relation to a noise nuisance from a motor cross track on the Sproston side of the M6 near Cotton Farm but this has now been resolved.


24/18 Accounts

It was noted the balance of account = Leek United £30,275.36 + Natwest £37,788.09 = £68,063.45


Cheque number

203 – £666.60 Hoey Ainscough (COC Course)

204 – £600.00 Congleton Town Council (Kings Lane)

205 – £75.00 CHALC (J Mason Internal Audit/ Finance)

206 – £20.00 Congleton Town Council (amendment)

207 – £35.00 Information Commissioner

208 – £50.00 CHALC (Local Council Award)

209 – £60.00 NALC (Local Council Award)

210 – £96.60 Everybody Sport & Recreation (room hire)


£171.00 Principal Hotels (defibrillator maintenance)

Resolved the above payments are approved and signed for as a true and accurate record.


25/18 Risk Assessment 2017/18

The Councillor responsibilities were agreed as follows;

Cllr R Hurst – Business Plan delivery, Finance , Community Assets and Personnel

Cllr R Hocknell – Business Plan delivery, Personnel and Highways

Cllr D Bennett – Finance, Compliance and Manchester Airport

Cllr M Cohen – Events, Police Liaison, ‘Sibelco’ and Charity Work

Cllr M Hodge -Outside bodies and Environment

Cllr G Morgan – Neighbourhood Plan and Compliance

Cllr J Swithenbank – Planning and Community Assets

Resolved the Risk Assessment was approved for 2017/18


26/18 Internal Auditor 2017/18

The clerk had attended an internal /finance course on 06.02.18 and fed back the updates. One key point was for a parish council not exceeding income or expenditure of £25,000 there was no requirement for an external audit.

Resolved the parish council would instruct JDH Services as the Internal Auditor

27/18 Cheshire East

Resolved to suspend the Standing Orders to accept a report from the Ward Councillor A Kolker

The Council tax is rising by 5.99%, 3% of this is ring fenced for adult social care. The central Government grant funding is being withdrawn so the local authority has to rely on generating its own income.

Speed update from G Williams Highways CE on Northwich Road – still awaiting a response.

Response from Sean Hannaby in relation to M6 – still no answer but AK has contacted Cllr D Stockton.

17/5550C Hall Farm, Cranage CW4 8EU – this was refused.

319 Bus– not lost completely but reduced to 4 times a day. Cllr RH asked that a timetable for this bus be posted at Holmes Chapel station as it is on the information board to indicate the way to get to Cranage.

Connecting Communities – AK encouraged Cranage members to attend this meeting.

Cllr GM and Cllr MC offered to try and attend.



28/18 Chairman and Members Report

Homeless in the area

Cllr M Cohen had been working with the police and the Ward Councillors in Crewe to support the homeless. He had given out hats and gloves to assist in the cold weather.

North West Ambulance Ball 28.06.18

Cllr M Cohen had organised this event on behalf of the community to raise money. The details were available on the website. The Parish Council thanked him for his efforts with this event.

Holocaust Service in Sandbach

Cllr M Cohen had attended.

Town and Parish Conference 20.02.18

Cllr R Hurst had attended on behalf of the Parish Council; she communicated the key points and would circulate the notes.


29/18 Clerks Report

Local Council Award – Foundation Level

It was recognised that Cranage Parish Council had achieved the Foundation level by the Association. It was noted by the panel that Cranage Parish Council would have achieved a high level but due to the number of co-opted members this was the highest level available.

Annual Parish Meeting and Newsletter

The members discussed the newsletter and topics to be included. Neighbourhood Plan – GM, M6 – MH, 319 bus route, Dog Fouling, Glebe Farm Footpath 3 diversion, Litter Pick date, Local Council Award, North West Ambulance and Chairman’s Report. There was a suggestion of a Dementia Speaker being available and the Chairman asked the Clerk to check availability.

Resident’s concern in reference to parking in the village

HCPC had copied in CPC to make them aware of the complaint in reference to a lack of car parking spaces in Holmes Chapel.

Training 2018

Resolved Cllr D Bennett would attend the Councillor Induction course on 2.5.18 and Cllr R Hocknell would attend the Chairman’s Course on 14.6.18.


30/18 the next Parish Council Parish Meeting would be on the 27th March 2018 @ 7.30pm in Cranage Village Hall.

Meeting closed at 10.10pm.