Minutes: Parish Council Meeting 20th November 2019

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 20th November 2018 at Cranage Village Hall.

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Part 1

Present Councillor R J Hocknell (who chaired the meeting), Councillor R Hurst, Councillor G Morgan, Councillor M Hodge, Councillor M Cohen, Councillor J Swithenbank Councillor A Kolker – Cheshire East Representative and the Clerk.


Declaration of Interest

Cllr G Morgan and Cllr M Hodge – Sibelco


Public Forum

10 members of the public present.

The resident who was responsible for the Cranage Parish Chronicle wished to thank the Parish Council for mentioning their site in their recent newsletter as it had encouraged members to join the site. The resident proceeded to inform the members that the newsletter was delivered after the closing date comments needed to be submitted to Cheshire West planning department, in relation to Sibelco.

The managing director from Cranage Haulage on Holly House estate had attended to respond to the comments made during the public forum time in the draft minutes from the October meeting. The allegations were incorrect as he did have an HGV vehicle licence to operate from Holly House estate and the lorries all had tacho graphs and speed restrictors. Middlewich Road was also a 50-mph limit. The planning permission was the obligation of the landlord not himself.



Cllr D Bennett due to ill health.


121/18 Minutes

Cllr R Hurst proposed two amendments which were accepted by full Council. Cllr M Hodge requested the 114/18 Audit reference was explained.

Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 23rd October 2018 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.


122/18 Highways

Speed Display Unit on Northwich Road

Cllr A Kolker had made enquires to Mr Glen Williams but he had received no response. The Chairman requested this was deferred. Cllr M Cohen had put up some ‘Slow Down’ signs to help improve the situation.

‘Hard Standing’ for school children

The Clerk had carried out the research on Northwich Road ,with a local resident ,and the locations had been identified, the HCCS children were collected outside ‘Silver Birches’ and this was acceptable with the owner as the driveway was a safe place. St John Dean’s collected only one child three days a week and this was again on a driveway and Rheaseheath College no longer collected. The residents in general did not think there was a need for a hard standing.

The Chairman and Clerk had conducted a site visit on the other sites and there was no requirement on Goostrey Lane or Middlewich Road. There was a need on Byley Lane and Twemlow Lane was still under investigation.

It was noted actions were still on going.

Leese Crossroads

This site had again suffered more accidents and the Clerk had drafted a report to Mr S Baker in CE highways to ask for support. No response had been received to date.

Blocked gullies on Armistead Way

3337227 – still not actioned

RAG – Smart Motorway update

Cllr M Hodge updated members that the group had been approached by the Chairman from Sprosten Parish Council for advice and support. The Chairman of RAG had spoken to the Universities of Manchester and Keele to ask for some pro bono advice for the residents in the south, but he was hoping this would include Cranage in the north.

Give Way Sign on Northwich Road

It was noted a large load had travelled along Northwich Road on 19th November and the ‘Give Way’ sign had been removed but eventually replaced.


123/18 Bowling Club

The Clerk had arranged for the outstanding items from the landlords check to be carried out. There had been a request for lighting on the car park and the members discussed options. The Chairman would meet with the electrician on site.


124/18 Adult Fitness Area

There had been a letter of thanks to the Parish Council to thank them for installing the fitness area.


125/18 Footpath and Trees Report

No report had been submitted from the officer.

The holly hedges still needed cutting back along the A50 footpaths near Cranage Barns.

Footpath Claim- Carver Avenue/ Byley Lane/Crescent Avenue

Subsequent to the letter sent to the Secretary of Health they had dismissed the claim to register the land through Hill Dickenson. Cllr G Morgan had therefore contacted the property surveyor in the department of Health and Social Care and there had been an agreement reached that the land would be registered in due course.

It was noted the PROW committee would meet on 3rd December in Westfields in Sandbach.


126/18 Budget 2019/20

The Budget had been circulated to members and it was discussed.

Resolved the precept would be £20,000 for 2019/20.


127/18 GDPR

J D H Services had conducted the audit and a 36-page report had been received. The Clerk had requested a small working group was established to formulate an action plan.

Resolved Cllr R Hurst would sit on the Task Group to devise an action plan for the Parish Council.


128/18 Planning Applications

  • 18/5674C Kings Lane Farm, Kings Lane, Cranage CW10 9NA – provision of a steel frame agricultural storage building.

Resolved No Objection

Sibelco application in Cheshire West – Cllr M Cohen updated members on the progress with CW Strategic Planning Board. The hearing date was scheduled for 4th December. The Environment Agency had submitted their report and a response had been released by Sibelco. They felt there were issues to be addressed with the water table in relation to the surrounding properties having possible subsidence when the quarrying began. It was a now question on certain insurance documents and the assurances from Sibelco were not convincing. The Chairman thanked Cllr M Cohen for all his efforts.

Cranage Haulage

The Chairman concluded everything had been discussed in the public forum time.

Glebe Farm

There had been a query from a member of the public whether any of the buildings on the site were listed buildings as they felt they once were, and this recently had undergone a change.

Resolved Cllr J Swithenbank would enquire.

Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport had requested feedback/comments on the new planning application for Terminal 1 and the Section 106 conditions.

Resolved Cllr G Morgan would respond.

F P McCann site

The Chairman from Byley Parish Council had requested Cranage PC supported them on commenting on the recent planning applications amendments to the site.

Resolved the Parish Council would make objections

129/18 Accounts

It was noted the balance of account = Leek United £30,488.46 + Natwest £57,015.56 = £87,504.02.


  • Cheque number 252 – £18,858.00 Pentagon Play
  • Cheque number 253 – £149.00 Crewe Colour Printers
  • Online Payment – £175.00 SLCC Annual Membership


  • Nil

Resolved the above payments are approved and signed for as a true and accurate record.

130/18 Cheshire East

Resolved to suspend the Standing Orders to accept a report from the Ward Councillor A Kolker.

CE were consulting on the 2019/20 budget which was under pressure die to the reduction of grants from Central Government. This was a nationwide issue. The proposal was to increase the council tax by 2.99% and 1% of this figure would be ring fenced for care for children. This was under financial pressure due to no fault of CE as it was the court’s decision to place the children in care. There was a Community Governance review which was a boundary proposal change although it was in its infancy stage. If there were any concerns, they should be directed to the Audit Commission.

There was an increase in the rural budget of £200m for the improvement of the broadband connection in rural areas.

Launch of Dane Valley Connected Communities Centres

All the Dane Valley Connected Communities Centres will be officially launched from the one event on Saturday 24 November 2018. The event will be open from 11.00am – 1.30pm at Holmes Chapel Library with the official launch at 11.30am by Cllr Janet Clowes.


131/18 Chairman and Members Report

Memorial bench – Cllr R Hurst was still finalising the details. The Chairman and the Clerk had spoken to the neighbours in relation to the siting of the bench.

Newsletter Delivery Plan

This was updated

Police Forum 12.11.18

Cllr R Hocknell had attended andcommunicated the details.

Meeting Venue for the Parish Council in January

The Village Hall was fully booked so Cranage Hall hotel would be booked.

132/18 Clerks Report

Laptop and Projector

The members discussed the benefits of having planning applications seen on a screen in meetings.

Resolved Cllr J Swithenbank would trial this in January.

Planning Training

The Clerk had contacted a Cllr to give a small training presentation on the method of Parish Councillors responding to applications.

Resolved the Parish Council would enquire about the Planning seminars being rescheduled next year and would like to be booked in attendance.

Public Forum

There were comments on the Sibelco planning application and the concerns about subsidence.


133/18 the next meeting would be on the 15th January 2019 @ Cranage Hall Hotel.

Meeting closed at 9.00 pm