Minutes: Cranage Parish Council Meeting Tuesday 19th September 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 19th September 2017 at Cranage Village Hall.

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Declaration of Interest

Councillor M Hodge & Councillor G Morgan – 17/3605W


Public Forum

6 members present.

Mrs J Wilde updated the Parish Council on a recent meeting with residents from Byley Lane, Oak Tree Lane and Northwich Road in relation to the noise from the M6. She enquired if the Parish Council had received a reply from the letter submitted to Mr P Mason at Cheshire East . The Clerk replied there had been no response. Mrs Wilde told members he had been suspended as others had in relation to the manipulation of air quality figures; this was now under police investigation. She requested the Parish Council now wrote to Cllr P Bates the Portfolio Holder for Communities and Health. It was concluded that Cranage had been ill served.


Part 1

Present Councillor M Hodge (who chaired the meeting of which all members agreed to in the absence of the Chairman and the Vice Chairman), Councillor A Townson, Councillor M Cohen, Councillor G Morgan, Councillor A Kolker ( Cheshire East Council) and the Clerk.

It was to be noted Mr J Swinthenbank was co opted at this meeting


Apologies – Councillor R J Hocknell due to work commitments and Councillor R Hurst due to an operation.


103/17 Minutes

It was noted that under Declaration of Interests – Cllr M Hodge had been granted a dispensation to speak on 17/3605W.

It was noted some minutes reference numbers were inaccurate and needed amending.

Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 19th September 2017 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.


104/17 Councillor Co Option

There had been one application received from Mr Jonathon Swithenbank, Rose Bank,Twemlow Lane, Cranage CW4 8EX. The application had been circulated to Councillors.

Cllr A Townson proposed Mr Swithenbank and Cllr M Cohen seconded. VOTE; FOR – Unanimous

Mr Swithenbank signed the Acceptance of Office.

The Register of Interest was received for completion within 28 days and the Clerk would circulated the Statutory Documents.


105/17 Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr G Morgan, Cllr M Cohen and Mr C Brown had met to discuss the Neighbourhood Plan. They had arranged a meeting with Mr T Evans to discuss the first stage of progression and funding options available to the Parish Council. Three volunteers had offered to support the team.


106/17 Adult Fitness Area

To date 43 responses had been received by the Clerk. The newsletter had only been delivered the last weekend in some areas so it was decided that the Parish Council would allow comments to be received for another two weeks.

This item would therefore be deferred until the next meeting.


107/17 Footpaths and Tree Report

There had been some feedback from residents over 70 years old for the PROW application.

Resolved the Clerk would draft a standard form for completion to submit to the PROW team.

The Clerk had contacted the PROW team and had been furnished with a process of complaining to the Secretary of State in relation to the length of time had taken the determine C0/8/34.

Resolved the Clerk would investigate the procedure to submit a complaint to the SOS and follow up if appropriate to the Council.

To build a footpath from the Paddock to Windy Ridge garage

Cllr A Townson wished to propose that the Parish Council paid for the construction of a footpath along the A50 as there was currently over grown verges and access was poor. The hedge line was over grown in places and it was dangerous.

Cllr M Cohen pointed out there was a PROW off the A50 road side and permission would have to be given from Cheshire East.

The Chairman requested that the Clerk and Cllr Townson completed some research before the next meeting in reference to cost and whether highways would allow the venture.


108/17 Highways

Football Parking

Holmes Chapel Hurricanes had approached the Parish Council for support in relation to parking for the football team when both teams were at home. There had been complaints from the residents of Needham estate if there was excessive parking which was now resulting parking along the A50. Some Councillors felt parking on the estate was in frequent and not a massive problem in comparison to the A50. The Clerk was asked to investigate other options with the assistance of ANSA. Cllr A Kolker suggested Cllr John Hammon would assist.

M6 Highway Screening due to noise

There had been meeting with local residents and Cllr A Kolker in relation to the noise survey for Cranage. There had been no response from Mr P Mason and the Clerk was requested to resubmit the letter to Cllr P Bates. Cllr A Kolker was involved with the residents and trying to liaise with a local resident in relation to conducting a noise survey for Cranage. He was unaware of the cost at this stage. The Parish Council agreed that a Councillor should be involved the M6 Noise Remediation Project Group.

Resolved Cllr M Hodge would attend the next meeting on behalf of the Parish Council.

Litter Picking

The litter collection arranged by Cllr R Hurst had been a great success last Sunday. Nineteen residents and members of the Council had attended, which included some canoeing on the River Dane. ANSA had provided the equipment and collected bags of rubbish. The land owners/users adjacent to the River Dane gave their permission to access the River. Thank you everybody who attended.

Speed Display Units

Due to all the recent feedback from residents in relation to speed in the Parish plus the non compliance with the Speed Management Strategy for a reduction in speed on the rural lanes Cllr A Townson wished the Parish Council to consider installing SDU’s in 4 locations. One costing had been obtained from a private company for 4 solar powered SDU’s and had been circulated.

Resolved the Clerk and Cllr A Townson would meet with highways to discuss further.

Verges along Kings Lane

Cllr A Townson wished the grass verges covering the gullies to be added to the Congleton Town Council job pack.

Resolved the Clerk would instruct the verges long Kings Lane to be added to the instructed works.

Highways Meeting 4th October at Holmes Chapel Community Centre

Cllr G Morgan would attend.


109/17 Training Policy and Training Plan

Resolved the Training Policy would be adopted by the Parish Council.

It was noted Cllr G Morgan would redraft the Complaints Policy in the next two weeks.

110/17 Local Council Award

The Clerk explained progress to date and the stages that needed to be completed to reach Foundation Level. Members agreed that the Clerk should pursue the award and hopefully this would be attained by the end of the year.

The Chairman had attended the Local Council Award Training and would circulate the training package to members.


111/17 Planning Applications

17/3605W Land at Rudheath Lodge, New Platt lane, Cranage and Allostock CW4 8HJ – Silica sand extraction and associated development, mineral extraction by dreading progressive restoration, mineral processing and dispatch

It was noted that this was due to be heard at the SPB on 25th October. Cllr A Townson offered to speak on behalf of the Parish Council.

Cllr M Hodge requested that Cllr A Kolker confirmed that the Parish Council would speak and for how long and if it would be split with Goostrey or Holmes Chapel Parish Council.

  • 17/4380C Parklands, Byley Lane, Cranage CW4 8EL – New dwelling in lieu of exisiting cattery on land rear of Parklands. Re submission of Planning ref 16/4600C

Resolved No Objection with Comments

  • Land adjacent to Padgate, Twemlow Lane, Cranage – variation of condition 1 on approval 17/1361C Variation of condition 2 of existing permission 16/5077C;8 dwellings.

Resolved No Objection

  • 17/41259C Ashlings, 61 Northwich Road, Cranage WA16 9LE Erection of single story extension to the rear of the property. Alterations to rear dormers and roof.

Resolved No Objection

Planning Seminar

Councillor M Hodge updated full Council on the Planning Seminar Training attended in July.


112/17 Accounts

It was noted the balance of account = Leek United £30,275.36 + Natwest £39,933.60 = £70,208.96


Cheque number

  • 179 – £250.00 Cranage Village Hall (Room Hire 2016/17)
  • 180 – £35.00 CHALC ( Training for Cllr R Hurst)
  • 181 – £57.00 Crewe Colour Printers (Sibelco)
  • 182 – £854.73 HMRC
  • 183 – £364.96 Congleton Town Council (Notice Boards)
  • 184- £169.300 Crewe Colour Printers (Newsletter)
  • 185 – £65.00 Crewe Colour Printers (Adult Fitness)
  • 186 – £3,795.40 Ms J Mason ( Salary June to Sept x 4 Parish Councils )
  • 187 – £40.71 Mrs J Mason (expenses June to Sept)


  • £6,000.00 Precept Cheshire East

Resolved the above payments are approved and signed for as a true and accurate record.



North West Ambulance Service had requested a donation from the Parish Council

Cllr A Townson proposed £150.00 Cllr M Cohen seconded the proposal


Resolved a donation of £150.00 would be sent to North West Ambulance Service


113/17 Transparency Code

The Clerk advised that the funding had been received last year and CHALC had written to confirm all procedures were in place. The Clerk explained to full Council everything was now implemented on the website as per directive.



114/17 Cheshire East

Resolved to suspend the Standing Orders to accept a report from the Ward Councillor A Kolker.

Cllr A Kolker updated members on the Speed Route Review along Northwich Road and the intervention from the Police Crime Commissioner. He was still pursuing the possibility of a 40mph limit as he felt it fitted the guidelines on the Speed Management Strategy.

The press had included lots of information in relation to the air quality figures submitted by Cheshire East and he agreed there was now police intervention to conclude if anything was acted on incorrectly. He thought some very emotive language was used in the report.


115/17 Chairman and Members Report

Cllr A Townson had attended a meeting at Manchester Airport on 19th September. He communicated to members the information and that the consultation event would be in 2018.


116/17 Clerks Report

The Clerk had received a quote from Mr P Hoey for a code of Conduct training session of £500.00

Resolved the Clerk would organise a training date for Cranage Parish Council.

The Clerks appraisal would be held within the next 6 weeks.

The Annual CHALC meeting was due to be held on 19th October in Middlewich Civic Hall .

Resolved Cllr M Hodge would attend


117/17 The next Parish Council Parish Meeting would be on the 17th October 2017 @ 7.30pm in Cranage Village Hall.

Meeting closed at 9.35 pm.