Cranage Village Hall Committee


The Village Hall is the only public building in Cranage that can be used for meetings, events and indeed the kinds of functions that village halls are there for. It is a registered charity and is run by a management committee of volunteers who believe that it is an ideal venue for villagers to meet, to get to know each other and to have fun.

We are pleased that the hall is well supported with organisations such as the Art Club, Preschool, Whist and Bridge clubs and lots of other activities too, very importantly it is financially sound. Those of you who have visited the hall will know that it’s a lovely old building and a village asset that is unique and vital as a community centre. If you have not been inside and would like to have a look round please contact one of the people below.

The committee comprises members who have worked hard behind the scenes for many years and now some, quite reasonably, want to take less active roles and we need people to join the management committee and take on some of the functions to ensure that the hall can continue operating efficiently.

So we are asking you as villagers to please consider helping out, we need people who can spare a small amount of time now and again to help with the running of the hall and to organise events, it’s a really good opportunity to contribute to village life and to meet up with other people. Most of us have been members for quite a few years, it’s a very friendly group and the more members we have the less work for each one.

To borrow a famous phrase from Lord Kitchener “Your village hall needs you” If you would like to talk things over with any of the committee members, here are some contacts:

John Halstead 01477 534822
Hazel Bickerton 01477 532636
Rachel Honeywell 01477 535870
Sheila or Ian Thomlinson 01477 533160

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