Cranage Parish Council Object to the introduction of Parking Charges in Holmes Chapel

Support your Parish Council by objecting to these charges. 
The  consultation will close on 1st November

Comments on the consultation can be submitted to:

Further details:

Cheshire East Council is proposing to introduce charging for the 40 parking spaces owned by the council in Holme Chapel.

This consultation will close on 1st November. Cranage Parish council submitted its objection during the pre consultation period and will again during this final stage. Holmes Chapel parish council has acted similarly.

Comments on the consultation can be submitted to:-

The more views the better

The basis for the objection to imposing carpark charges are:-

  1. All services for Cranage residents are over a mile away. There is no public transport. Driving is the viable option for accessing the basic items we need to live.
  2. Even the smallest requirement such as visiting the doctor could result in a charge.
  3. With no public transport and increased charges the potential for social exclusion increases at a time when it is simply not required.
  4. Charging for car parking is part of CEC towns policy. Holmes Chapel is the only village included in the CEC initiative.
  5. The village is highly congested. This proposed change will negatively impact the speed with which individuals can access services and further add congestion. Surrounding residential areas will be impacted.
  6. Placing an overhead on how people can access businesses will potentially limit use and introduce a threat to the health of those businesses. This can be predicted based on past experience. Th local businesses are launching their own campaign and need our support.