Cranage Minutes 1 December 2015

Minutes of a Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 1st December 2015 at Cranage Village Hall.

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147/15 Declaration of Interest

Councillor D Madden – 15/4791, 15/1576C and land at Middlewich Road

Councillor G Morgan and Councillor M Hodge – Sibelico proposed planning application

Public Forum

49 members of the public present

Presentation from Highways England – Smart Motorway M6

Present : Kate Beirne – Project Manager, Lorraine Butler – HE Senior Responsible Owner for the project, Anthony Beeby – HE Smart Motorways Communications Lead, Michael Robinson – Jacobs Environmental Coordinator, Julian Wilson- Carillion Kier Project Manager and Luana Bills- Assistant Public Liaison Officer.

The team gave a brief presentation about the M6 (junction 16 to 20) proposals to upgrade to a smart motorway, like for example the M6 and M42 around Birmingham. It will involve work on the motorway to extend the motorway from 3 lanes to 4 lanes within the present curtledge. It was agreed that vegetation clearance had already commenced. The works were due to commence next year and they were times overnight when the motorway would be closed and alternative routes would be provided. The route through Holmes Chapel was due to be revised due to the weight restriction.

Question and Answer Session

Many were concerns about the lack of consideration of the neighbouring properties. It was acknowledged that there had been site visits but there had been no follow up to each individual concerns. The potential noise levels seemed not to have been measures correctly and many issues had been decided from a desk top survey. The westerly wind in Cranage had not been considered.

The emissions/pollution again needed more consideration as many felt the Government guidelines although followed were missing key crucial issues which would inevitable change when a fourth lane was added.

Many residents wanted a 2m fence put alongside the motorway to reduce noise levels.

When the hard shoulder was lost there would be emergency refuge areas every 2km and there would be 24 hour CCTV which would be monitored.

The conclusion was many residents requested that Fiona Bruce MP was now consulted and asked to support that further EU guidelines were adhered to and then to assist in perusing Highways England to implement more screening and planting. As they were following the basic Government guidelines which were resulting in major potential concerns being ignored for some residents in Cranage. The closest residents to the M6 want an Impact Assessment completed.

H.E did acknowledge that they are looking at re surfacing which would reduce the noise levels.

Part 1

Present Councillor M Hodge, (Chairman), Councillor J Halstead, Councillor G , Councillor D Madden , Councillor A Kolker (Cheshire East) and the Clerk .

148/15 Apologies

Councillor G Yarwood due to a prior engagement and Councillor R Hurst due to work commitments.

149/15 Minutes

It was noted that Councillor J Halstead abstained from the vote on Woodside Golf Club. Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on Saturday 14th November 2015 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.

150/15 Matters arising from the minutes

Letter to Woodside Golf Club 20.11.15

The Clerk had sent a letter to Woodside Golf Club (cc Cheshire East and Jay Ashall) and an acknowledgement had been received.

Letter to Mr A Fisher 15/1100C

This letter had now been sent and a complaint number SR1377492 had been acknowledged.


The Parish Council wished to remember Mr Hedley Brown who served as a Parish Council including Chairman for many years.

Resignation of Councillor D Hopley

The resignation of Councillor D Hopley was acknowledged. The Chairman wished Dudley to the thanked for all his hard work and commitment.

Land at Middlewich Road

Knight’s solicitors had been instructed by CPC.

Resolved Mr P Wild and Councillor M Hodge would act as two directors of the company that was a requirement to set up a company on behalf of the residents.

151/15 Co opt a Parish Councillor

There had been two applications received from Mr L Dooley and Mr R Hocknell.

Both candidates left the room

Proposed GM Seconded DM

Vote – Unanimous

Resolved Mr L Dooley, 37 Needham Drive, Cranage CW4 8FB was co opted on to the Parish Council and signed the Acceptance of Office.

152/15 Highways

The speeds along the A50 were discussed and a Road Traffic Accident Report would be established.

Road Traffic Accidents

28.11.15 – White A3 Audi crashed at Middlewich crossroads. The police were in attendance.

The bollards and street lights still had not been addressed outside Needham estate – clerk and AK would re visit.

The rubbish needed collecting between Windy Garage and Middlewich Road along the A50 (opposite Rudheath Lodge Farm). The grass cutting then needs implementing.

‘Give Way’ sign needed cleaning at New Platt Lane / Northwich road junction

153/15 Bowling Club

The Bowling Club committee wish to build a shelter alongside the bowling club house and request the Parish Council’s permission.

The Clerk would request more details

154/15 Neighbourhood Plan

There were three volunteers in response to the newsletter. Councillor G Morgan, Councillor L Dooley and Councillor D Madden wished to join the group.

Proposed to complete a NP – GM Seconded – DM

Vote – Unanimous

JH – Abstained

Resolved Cranage Parish Council would implement a Neighbourhood Plan.

A newsletter would be produced in January 2016 for more support.

155/15 Land behind the Village Hall

The Clerk had submitted a map of the area to Mr Richard Christopher and CPC were now on the list with a Register of Interest to adopt the land from Cheshire East. There was an option of a temporary licence to transfer the land.

156/15 Footpath and Tree Report

Mr Dudley Hopley was invited to speak about the permissive pathway request that had been submitted in 2006 across 3 landowners land. There had been several residents statements submitted of use over a period of 20 years. The ‘Public Right Of Way’ committee had reviewed each year indicating it would move up the list of priority. We were currently number 6. To try and establish a footpath had taken nearly 10 years.

Resolved CPC would make a formal complaint to Cheshire East.

  • The public byway from the Hermitage, to the bridge over the river, and up the bank towards Hollins Farm in terrible condition following the recent rain. There is a100 yard stretch that is near inaccessible due to the mud and water. As a very busy thoroughfare for walkers, cyclists and horse riders, the road is in desperate need of attention. The ownership of this stretch in dispute, getting a solution may be challenging, but some remedial action is certainly required.
  • Manor Barns Verge (A50) Not actioned still. This has been subject of much discussion. The major issue is the verge, not the hedge. The verge needs cutting back where it encroaches on to the footpath
  • A50 Footpath. 150 yard stretch from Roundabout in Holmes Chapel Village The footpath going down the hill towards Cranage is in a dangerous condition – partly due to the leaves, but mainly because of the tarmac adjacent to the kerb starting to crumble away. Probably due to poor repair over the years. Where the tarmac is crumbling away, it is very easy to be thrown off balance – the leaves on the pavement force pedestrians to walk towards the kerb into the rutted area. As there is no verge at this point, anyone losing balance could fall into the road. As things stand the pavement is particularly difficult to navigate with prams, and the rutted area would be particularly hazardous at night, when people are walking in the dark.
  • The short footpath, between King’s Lane and Oak Tree Lane, Cranage, is almost impenetrable due to overgrowth of holly and brambles. It is worst at the King’s Lane end.

157/15 Northwich Road Notice board

Councillor J Halstead proposed a new notice board. Seconded MH

Vote – unanimous

Resolved the clerk would order a new notice board for Northwich Road.

158/15 Planning Applications

  • 15/1576C Holly Bank, Byley Farm, Cranage CW10 9LP APP/R0660/D/15/3137671

The Council noted this application had gone to appeal – no objection had been submitted.

  • 15/4791C Big Stone Cottages, Middlewich Road Cranage CW4 8HG Demolition of existing residential building and ancillary buildings, removal of trees, replacement of existing houses, highway access, landscaping and infrastructure

Resolved Objection

Comments were read out from Mr J Butler regarding planning application 15/4313C.

159/15 Budget

The budget had been circulated to all members. It was discussed in relation to next year’s outgoings and the capital reserve.

JH proposed £12,000. Seconded – LD

Vote – unanimous

Resolved the precept would be £12,000 for 2016/17.

160/15 Accounts

To note the balance of accounts – Leek United £69,071.36 + Natwest £36,468.76 = £105,539.36.

Note credit of £90.00 due to incorrect charge.


  • £145.00 Crewe Colour Printers
  • £90.00 Acorn Technology (website maintenance)
  • £30.00 NALC Quality Award scheme
  • £149.00 SLCC membership
  • £18.00 Holmes Chapel Methodist Chapel 14.11.15
  • £2,824.50 Nuneaton Signs 9boundary signs)


  • £592.31 Twemlow Parish Council (salary )

Resolved the above payments be approved and signed for as above.

161/15 Grant funding

Two applications had been received

  • Byley Parochial Church Council

Resolved The Parish Council wished to see a copy of the accounts

  • Residents Action Group formed to fight the ‘Sibelico’ sand quarry potential planning application

Resolved the clerk would find whether CPC donated to the Gas Plant in Byley and grant funding that was available.

162/15 The next meeting would be the on 26th January 2016 @ 7.30pm in Cranage Village Hall.

Meeting closed at 10.05 pm