Cranage Minutes 23 February 2016

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Minutes of a Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 23rd February 2016 at Cranage Village Hall.

Declaration of Interest

Public Forum
7 members of the public present plus a member from the press.

Mr P Wild wished to be excluded from claiming expenses for the travel costs to Knights solicitors in Chester. The Chairman thanked Mr Wild for this kind gesture.

He also proceeded to express his thoughts on donating a gift to Mr J Halstead for his valuable services to the Council. As there was an outstanding complaint regarding the planning application at Woodside Golf Club he thought until a decision should be with held.

A resident from ‘Ashfields’ Oak Tree lane wished the Parish Council to discuss the opportunity of measuring the pollution levels in and around the area of the M6. She was concerned ,after the meeting at CE, although they had stated they would monitor the air pollution she still wished reportable tests to be arranged.

The Chairman agreed a cost of the testing would be investigated by the Clerk.

Part 1

Present Councillor M Hodge, (Chairman), Councillor G Yarwood, Councillor R Hurst, Councillor L Dooley , Councillor R Hocknell, Councillor A Kolker (Cheshire East) and the Clerk .

19/16 Apologies  Councillor G Morgan due to ill health and Councillor D Madden due to annual holidays.

20/16 Minutes

158/15 – 15/4791C Big Stone Cottages should have stated No Objection

Amendment to Declaration of Interest to include Councillor M Hodge – Sibelico

Amendment to 13/16 Balance of Accounts = £102,283.62

Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 26th January 2016 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.

21/16 Matters arising from the minutes

  • Village Hall – The Clerk had met with Richard Jones from Cheshire East. He was pursuing the water leakage behind the Village Hall. He thought it may be sewage and would initially go to UU. LD wished it to be pointed out maybe it was linked to the drains outside Model Cottages/ Spring Bank Farm due to the pungent smell at times.
  • The Clerk had visited the development site opposite Needham Estate and explained the residents’ concerns. The site manager had assured her the turf would be corrected before leaving the site, it did seem it may not all be the developers fault.
  • Neighbourhood Plan – due to the poster not being agreed by members an advert for volunteers would be included in the Annual Newsletter.
  • Bollards outside Needham estate – one side still not actioned. AK agreed to contact highways to impress the disruption the wide load caused when travelling through Cranage.
  • The Clerk updated members on the costing of the gifts for past Councillors and progress to date. It was still agreed by members to pursue with the gift to Mr J Halstead.
  • Pot holes along service road to Cranage Hall – the clerk had spoke with the manager and it was a capital project that had to come from the central capital costs. He was aware of the situation.

22/16 Unregistered land

The Clerk updated members on the solicitor’s comments and progress to date.

Resolved the Clerk would disinstruct ‘Dixon, Rigby and Keogh’ and instruct ‘Knights Solicitors’ to continue with the case.

Claim of footpaths on three parcels land behind Deans Row Cottages.

After investigation it had become apparent that a public right of way had not been claimed but permissive pathways for a 10 year period. This now seemed out of date. Members agreed that the Clerk should still pursue the claim and ask for advice.

Resolved the Clerk should agree that the three claims across Mr A Baguley’s land be dropped and the kissing gates installed.

23/16 Highways

RTA – none to report

Northwich Road speed reduction – it was agreed that Councillor A Kolker had informed the Council of a reduction to 40 mph. He would seek advice to see if the instruction was imminent.

Estate Agent signs – the clerk had written a letter to the local agents and there had been a positive response. LD had taken more photographs and many had been removed. This was on going and another report would be filed next time. GY discussed the other signs within the parish but it was clarified this was a different planning issue.

M6 meeting 11.02.16

The Chairman fed back the details of the meeting where many assurances had been made to the residents of Cranage. It was agreed that the AK would ensure the letter had been written from Heather Grimbaldeston CE to Highways England and a response was received.

LD proposed that Mr P Mason was invited to speak at the Annual Parish Meeting about pollution. Members agreed and the Neighbourhood Plan would be included in the Chairman’s report.

Big Stone crossroads

AK apologised for not following up a site visit and would resolve before the next meeting.

Byley Lane/ Needham estate street lights not actioned.

Potholes to be report

  1. Embankment by M6 bridge
  2. Surface from Spinney Caravans and Woodside Golf Club
  3. Westside of A50 travelling north outside emergency exit to Cranage Hall Hotel.

Leese crossroads

The Clerk was asked to write a letter to the property on the crossroads as the hedge had not been cut to its usual height and was impeding vision.

24/16 Land at Middlewich Road

The Clerk updated the members with the progress to date. As the land was to be sold to the new ‘Cranage Residents Company’ for less than the market value under s127 of the LGA 1972 the secretary of state would only give consent under certain circumstances.

Resolved There was an agreement by members that that land would be an improvement of social well being to the Parish of Cranage.


25/16 Planning Applications

16/0737C Land adjacent to Padgate, Twemlow Lane, Cranage Residential development of 4 nr detached dwellings(4/5 bed and 1 nr cottage mews block of 5 dwellings ( 1 Bed Flat: 2/3 bed houses) inclusive of associated external works and landscaping.

The Clerk circulated new plans and the preservation of the oak tree.

Resolved Objection .

Highways and access were of great concern.

16/0726C Woodlands Farm, 62 Northwich Road, Cranage WA16 9LD. Outline application for an agricultural workers dwelling – resubmission 15/1895C

Resolved No Objection

It was to be noted that there had been several breaches of planning conditions at Jodrell Service Station. The planning enforcement officer had been informed.

The Clerk was to enquire about the four mobile homes at Glebe Farm. It was to ensure planning had been given as they did not seem to be within the curtlidge of the main house.

Local Plan

The Chairman would write a letter to the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for communities regarding the lack of infrastructure for the unplanned development due a lack of an approved Local Plan within our unitary authority.

26/16 Bowling Club

The bowling club had made some complaints about the position of the new play area and the access of emergency vehicles and the roller to the green. It was disappointing to members after the support they had given to the re building of the clubhouse. Emergency vehicles would access by Needham estate and it was agreed the PC would cut back the hedge to assist with access for the roller.

The Clerk would speak with the BC.

27/16 Footpath and Tree report

There were three outstanding issues from the last meeting. Andrea Bickerton CE had resigned and there had been some delays. The Clerk was pursuing. The Needham estate footpath had been visited by CE and would be actioned.

RH updated the members on the footpath north of Hermitage Bridge. He had been assured action would be in the next financial year to improve the service.

28/16 Accounts

     To note the balance of accounts – Leek United £69,071.36 + Natwest £31,494.25

= £100,565.61.


  • £60.89 Zurich Insurance
  • £264.00 Dixon Rigby & Keogh (land behind Deans Row)
  • £30.00 CHALC LD Planning Seminar 2.2.16
  • £56.71 Trophy


  • Nil
    Resolved the above payments be approved and signed for as above.

The Risk Assessment would be circulated before the next meeting.
It was acknowledged that the clerk had met with RH and GY to instruct the new pension regulations.

29/16 Cheshire East

AK report there was now 750 members at the new community centre in comparison to 250 at the Leisure Centre. There were bids now being received for the upgrade of the community rooms. The Crewe Lifestyle Centre had now been handed over and also was an excellent facility.

The Local Pan had been considered at the SPB on 18.02.16 and would now go before full Council in March and then before the inspector for a two day hearing at Crewe Alex football grounds.

He also wished it to be noted there were now more registered burglaries in the Dane Valley than in Congleton and Sandbach.

30/16 Members report

Councillor G Yarwood wished it to be noted the comments in the Sandbach Chronincle after the last meeting were not favourable and members should be mindful that the press are present in the public forum.

GY and LD would attend the Manchester Airport meeting.

31/16 Clerks report.

Training – Clerks and Councillors Induction for RH and LD agreed on 14.04.16

Notice board on Northwich Road – GY would install.

Kissing Gates – The Clerk was instructed to find a fencing company.

Jodrell Bank invite was circulated.

32/16 the next meeting would be the on 22nd March @ 7.30pm in Cranage Village Hall.

Meeting closed at 9.35 pm