Cranage Minutes 22nd October 2016

Cranage Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on
Saturday 22nd October 2016 at Cranage Village Hall.

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Declaration of Interest

The Clerk advised that both Councillor G Morgan and Councillor M Hodge had a DPI in relation to 16/4724W.

Councillor G Morgan and Councillor M Hodge – 16/4724W. Both members felt they only had a private interest.

Councillor G Morgan had requested a dispensation to speak in the public forum time in relation to 16/4724W.

She summarised her concerns about the application together with MH –

  • The delegation of planning decision from CWAC to Cheshire East is unlawful and is being challenged (exacerbated by the fact that the proposed entry/exit to the site is on CWAC land). The Cheshire East media adverts have now been acknowledged by Cheshire East to be insufficient (not addressing the newspapers in primary circulation for this area) and as such the consultation period has been extended by 3 weeks.
  • Loss of farmland
  • All properties are affected on Goostrey Lane and several on the A50.
  • There is an element of dry quarrying and could be carcinogenic
  • The lighting scheme needs to addressed
  • The noise survey needs to be explored and times of operation from 7am was too early.
  • The highways survey needs to be challenged
  • The landscaping especially screening needs more consideration and consultation with the immediate residents.
  • If operating hours are granted it will lead to lorries ‘banking up’ on Goostrey Lane awaiting entry to the site very early in the morning.
  • There have been phasing changes from the initial consultation which affected residents.

Public Forum

5 members of the public present (not all members stayed for the full meeting).

Part 1

Present Councillor L Dooley (Chairman), Councillor G Yarwood, Councillor M Hodge (left early), Councillor R Hurst (Vice Chairman), Councillor G Morgan, Councillor R Hocknell and the Clerk.

Apologies Councillor D Madden due to child care arrangements and Councillor A Kolker no reason given.


121/16 Planning Applications

  • 16/4724W Rudheath Lodge Farm, Knutsford Road, Cranage CW4 8HG – Silica sand extraction and associated development Rudheath Lodge Heath, Knutsford Road Crange CW4 8HJ.

Councillor G Morgan and Councillor M Hodge withdrew from the table.

All members discussed the application in detail and debated concerns from the floor.

This application to quarry sand had been in the Local Plan now for over 30 years and was very likely going to be approved. It seems the most ideal result would be to try and work with the applicants and try and mitigate the concerns before approval. The Chairman had reviewed the traffic movements in detail and compared them to other sites within the parish and it seemed they were not as high as concerns had alerted.

Resolved No Objection with Conditions.


  • A footpath from New Platt Lane to Goostrey Lane reinstated along the A50.
  • A cycleway established from Twemlow Lane to New Platt Lane along the A50.
  • To extend FP20 from Wood Corner to New Platt Farm across Allostock Parish to link Goostrey Lane to New Platt Lane.
  • A covenant on the land to stop further ribbon development along Goostrey Lane.
  • The parking for delivery lorries to be incorporated within the curtlidge of the site.
  • To re enforce weight limits and lorry restrictions on the west side of New Platt Lane
  • To make improvements to the Northwich Road / A50 junction as it can have ‘blind spots’ which will be exacerbated by the addition of an increase of heavy lorry traffic. .
  • Operation hours 8am until 6pm.
  • Lighting – clarity of the scheme.
  • Community fund to be established and shared between Cranage, Allostock and Byley.
  • Further detailed discussions to be held between those residents who border the new development and Sibelco to review the proposed screening options. Discussions to be facilitated by Cranage Parish Council.


It was agreed that a notice would go into the local press asking residents to inform the Parish Council of further concerns. This notice would also go on the website.


  • 16/4855C Land off Northwich Road Cranage – Erection of dwelling with associated works.

Resolved Objection

  • 16/4073C Elmwood Sandy Lane Cranage Cheshire CW4 8HR Variation of condition 2 (approved Plans) and 6 (landscape Plan) on approved application 15/2884C for variations to and including: landscaping, security lights and camera positions on entrance gates.

Resolved No Objection


122/16 The next meeting would be on the 29th November 2016 @ 7.30pm in Cranage Village Hall.

Meeting closed at 11.25 am