Cranage Minutes 22nd March 2016

Minutes of a Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 22nd March 2016 at Cranage Village Hall.


Declaration of Interest

Councillor G Morgan and Councillor M Hodge – ‘Sibelico’ proposed application


Public Forum

4 members of the public present.


Part 1


Present Councillor M Hodge, (Chairman), Councillor G Yarwood, Councillor R Hurst, Councillor L Dooley , Councillor R Hocknell, Councillor G Morgan and Councillor D Madden, Mr Tim Sheldon and the Clerk .


33/16 Apologies  Councillor A Kolker due to ill health


34/16 Minutes

Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 23rd February 2016 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.


35/16 Matters arising from the minutes

  • Smart Motorway M6

The Clerk had spoken to ‘Dustscan’ for a quote to monitor the air quality in the locality. It was suggested that there are many air parameters that could be measured Nitrogen Dioxide NO2 or particulate PM10. A letter was sent from Dr Heather Grimbaldeston (Director of Public Health) from Cheshire East to Kate Beirne at Highways England.

A letter had been sent from a local resident to explain the pollution figures in the area. The letter disputed the increase in the pollution in Cranage due to the M6. The Chairman and GM failed to see the relevance of the information supplied as it was very general and not specific to the Smart Motorway. REH wished it to be noted it was another balanced view and should not be dismissed.

Resolved the Clerk would ensure a reply is retrieved from CE and see what measures are being taken to measure the impact of the modifications to the M6.

  • Land behind Deans Row

The Clerk had disinstructed Dixon, Rigby and Keogh and instructed Knights solicitors to act on the Cranage Parish Councils behalf. The estimated cost was £500 plus VAT.

  • Stagnant water on land behind Village Hall

Councillor R Hurst was now closely involved and was walking this weekly to check progress. UU were responsible for the drain and Richard Jones – Cheshire East was chasing the work to be completed. Ref 81288129

It was noted UU had be clearing blocked sewage along the A50 over the past few days.

  • Letter to Prime Minister

The Chairman had sent the letter to the PM to support Audlem Parish Council and to request for assistance due to the lack of sustainability in our area to support the unplanned housing development.

  • Four mobile homes at Glebe Farm

The reference from Planning Enforcement was 16/00163E. It was noted there was 4 more mobile caravans on site. The Clerk would chase the outcome. GM wished the overgrown footpath to be mentioned.

37/16 Land at Middlewich Road

The Cranage Residents Land Ltd required a third director.

GY proposed Mr Graham Lowe , Shanty Farm

MH proposed Mr Michael Wilson, 4 Goostrey Lane

LD proposed Mr Tim Sheldon, 5 Armistead Way

Resolved all three proposals listed would act as directors for Cranage Land Residents Ltd.

Resolved if there was an issue the decision would be taken by email.


38/16 Highways

Estate Agent Signs

LD was still pursuing the issue and ‘Stuart Rushton’ was still the main offender. They had requested some extra time to organise the relocation of signs .

Big Stone junction/ Middlewich Crossroads

AK had arranged a site visit with Mr Ed Parry from highways. There had been four conclusions reached (all members copied into email). It would be put on the May agenda.

Wide Loads

AK was to feed back – agenda for May.

Street Lights

Byley Lane still not actioned / Needham estate actioned (LD)

Clerk will address after 2 reports.

Potholes along A50

The Clerk had reported but no action. DM had now taken photographs and would report to AK for action. To remedy the road it requires resurfacing.


39/16 Footpaths and Tree Report

It was noted that the Footpath Officer had not been well due his ankle.

Manor Farm Barn footpath

This still not had been actioned. GY suggested that ‘Hardings’ completed the work.

Footpath along A50 to Holmes Chapel

This still not had been actioned. The Clerk would now submit a complaint.

Footpath along Middlewich Road opposite Plum Tree Farm

The footpath was overgrown and needed addressing.

40/16 Planning Applications

  • 16/1127C Cranage Bowling Pavillion, Armistead Way, Cranage – Erection of proposed shelter.

The PC was very concerned about this application as it was not in keeping with this area.

Resolved the Parish Council would request the BC withdraw this application and would OBJECT if pursued.

  • 16/0892C Holly Bank, Byley Lane Cranage CW10 9LP Rear and side extension also barn conversion, including loft conversion.

It was noted this application was refused at appeal

Resolved No Objection


Communication from Sibelico

MH, GM, RJH, LD had all attended a consultation meeting in March. The application will be submitted in April.

A letter had been received from a local resident (Goostrey Farm) requesting support from CPC to fight the application. It had been acknowledged.

Farm building opposite Rose Farm, Cranage

There had been a recent building constructed in the field opposite Rose Farm. CPC were unaware of planning permission.

RJH would try and resolve


41/16 Bowling Club

After recent correspondence the Clerk had responded on behalf of the Parish Council and copied in all members.

The Clerk needed to address the safety signs on the play area.


42/16 Accounts

     To note the balance of accounts – Leek United £69,071.36 + Natwest £31,674.96

= £100,746.32.



  • £24,048.00 Pentagon Sports
  • £3,113.30 Clerks Salary Jan to March
  • £108.36 Clerks expenses Jan to March
  • £337.28 HMRC
  • £1,535.24 Grrenbarnes Ltd (notice board Northwich Road )



  • £961.57 HMRC VAT claim

       Resolved the above payments be approved and signed for as above.


43/16 Risk Assessment 2015/16

The Chairman asked for some amendments.

Resolved the Parish Council accepted the Risk Assessment for 2015/16.


44/16 Chairman and members report

Jodrell Bank Service Station (breach of planning conditions) 15/1100C

The Chairman still had received complaints about the breach of planning conditions at the above site. He would write to AK for support.

Litter Collection

LD had organised a litter collection on 13.03.16 in the Parish. It was a great success and he wished to thank everybody who had participated.

45/16 Clerks report

Annual Newsletter

Speaker confirmed as Mr Phil Mason. Points to be included

  • Play area
  • Litter collection
  • Advert for Neighbourhood plan
  • Water behind VH
  • Village Hall presentation

Capital Expenditure

The Clerk checked the capital expenditure figure. It was to include, football pitches, land adjacent to village hall, legal costs and open space improvement in the Parish. The Clerk proposed improving the facilities in the Village Hall for Parish Council meetings including improving the ‘wifi’ and presentation facilities to aid viewing planning applications.


Resolved Councillor L Dooley would complete a Business Plan/ Vision for Cranage Parish Council.


Public Forum

Highways England contact details were not working and communication to the area was poor. There had been a great deal of noise over the past two weeks. Support from the PC was requested. The collection of data from the impacts of the M6 was clarified.

There was a request of more information from a ‘fracking’ meeting at HCPC.


46/16 the next meeting would be the Annual Parish Meeting on 19th April @ 7.30pm in Cranage Village Hall.


Meeting closed at 9.45 pm



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