Cranage Minutes 14th June 2016

Cranage Parish Council

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 14th June 2016 at Cranage Village Hall.

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Declaration of Interest

None declared

Public Forum

2 members of the public present.

Part 1

Present Councillor L Dooley (Chairman), Councillor G Yarwood, Councillor R Hurst (Vice Chairman), Councillor M Hodge, Councillor R Hocknell, Councillor G Morgan and Councillor D Madden (left early) , Councillor L Gilbert (Cheshire East) and the Clerk .

Apologies Councillor A Kolker

65/16 Minutes

The minute 51/16 needed amending to ‘They felt it was against advice from NALC to carry out the transfer of the land at Middlewich Road’

The minute 54/16 should be amended to 16/4313C Manor View, Twemlow Lane – Objection

Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 17th May 2016 be approved and signed as a true and accurate record.


66/16 Land at Middlewich Road

Councillor L Dooley had circulated a draft letter to send to the Secretary of State. Councillor G Morgan wished to amend it slightly. She would re circulate to members before the next meeting and the Clerk would ensure completion on receipt.


67/16 Matters arising from the minutes

  • Meeting with Heather Grimbaldaston CE and Councillor A Kolker – Smart Motorway M6

LG reported that AK had attended a meeting to discuss concerns from CPC. There was no area comparable with nox measurements to show results. The nox monitor was now on Oak Tree Lane but only limited data. H Grimbalston had written to Highways England and there was nothing they could do about the noise. HG had also written to Public Health and again there was very little they could do regarding the noise.

16/00163E Glebe Farm

The Enforcement Officer still had not attended site and the Clerk requested support from Ward Councillors.

Water by the Village Hall

This still had not been resolved and UU needed to return to the site.

Estate Agent Signs

The Clerk had written to Mrs Thatcher and after a conversation with the current Chairman she had agreed to remove the sign.

It was concluded that the parish looked better.

Byley Lane Street Lights

The Clerk had reported to complaints and they had apparently been actioned. RH would check.


68/16 Land adjacent to the Village Hall

The Chairman, GY, MH, RH and the Clerk had attended site on Monday 13th June to discuss the proposed improvements to the site.

It was agreed the Clerk would arrange a further site visit with CE to propose the proposals and potential implications.


69/16 Cranage Bowling Club.

The Clerk and the Chairman had met with the Bowling Club members on site on 24th May to discuss the cars that were parking on the grass and passing by the two play areas. It had been agreed that maintenance vehicles would be allowed to drive to the edge of the green site and this was only approximately 6 times a year. The other cars would NOT be allowed and it would be policed by the members including disabled access.

Resolved the Clerk would write a letter to confirm the above conclusion.


70/16 Business Plan

The Chairman requested this be deferred to the next meeting.


71/16 Cheshire East

LG reported the findings from AK about the road safety issues at Big Stone crossroads. The Chairman requested that AK reported on the action timescale as if placed on the minor works programme it would take a long time.


72/16 Highways


There had been an accident involving two cars on Monday 6th June. The cars were a Suzuki Swift and VW Passat. The Police had attended.

Councillor D Madden and Councillor L Gilbert left at 8.40pm.

Hedge at Glebe Farm

The hedge was causing issues when walking on the pavement along the A50. The Clerk would write a letter.

Hedge by Village Hall

The hedge was causing issues when walking on the pavement along the A50. The Clerk would write a letter.

Highways England Meeting 7th June

RJH, RH and MH had attended a meeting to update the PC on the works on the M6 to date.

MH had compiled a report. The clerk was requested to forward it to Fiona Bruce MP.

Letter from Mr P Mason M6

There had been a response back to Councillor M Hodge in relation to his enquires. The Chairman would devise a response with the assistance of Mr P Wild from Oak Tree Lane.

A50 Road Surface

The road had been resurfaced in the Parish but a lorry had turned around opposite the Goostrey Lane junction and cut up the tarmac. The Clerk was asked to report.

Water lying on Goostrey Lane

MH would report.


73/16 Footpath and Tree Report

The play area shubbery hedge needed attention as it was overgrown and parents were unable to view children inside the area.

The land behind Deans Row

The progress to date was poor and the action to date had been none.

Resolved Councillor G Morgan and the Clerk would pursue with Knights and report back.


74/16 Housing Needs Survey

Councillors MH and GM had met with Ms Vikki Jefferies on 10th June regarding completing housing needs survey in Cranage. A proposed questionnaire had been circulated.

All members questioned if there was a need for more affordable houses in the Parish.


75/16 Planning Applications

16/2419C Jodrell Bank Service Station, Knutsford Road, Cranage CW4 8HU.

Erection of 8ft Close Board fence

Resolved No objection

It agreed MH would ask Mr Perkins to ask the support of Fiona Bruce MP in relation to enforcement at the site.


76/16 Fixed Asset Register

Resolved this was approved as a true and accurate record.


77/16 Accounts

        To note the balance of accounts – Leek United £69,071.36 + Natwest £8,652.27   = £77,723.63


  • £250.00 Cranage Village Hall
  • £36.00 CPRE
  • £220.00 Cranage Preschool (min ref 78/16)

The two payments of £2,409.00 and £4,140.00 to Knights Solicitors would be queried.


  • £109.50 Good Companions Bowling Club
  • £950.14 SPC (clerks salary )
  • £ 592.31TPC (clerks salary )

       Resolved the above payments be approved and signed for as above.

£40,000 would be transferred from the Leek United to the Natwest and the remaining would be reinvested in a One Year Bond.


78/16 Grant Funding Application

The Parish Council had viewed the accounts of the preschool and there were 5 children attending from Cranage. The manger wished to buy two new ‘Innotab’ computers.

Resolved CPC would donate £220.00 to Cranage Preschool



Public Forum

There were comments about the estimated quotes from Knights solicitors. Mr P Wild agreed to the offer of support to write to Mr P Mason from Cheshire East Council.


79/16 The next meeting would be on the 26th July 2016 @ 7.30pm in Cranage Village Hall.


Meeting closed