Consultation Now Open on Revised Education Travel Policies


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In a cabinet meeting on 10th October Cheshire East Council agreed to consult on a suite of policies for supporting travel to school.  

The consultation documents make clear what travel support we are required to provide and we are seeking your views on what, if any, additions should be considered.

Details of the key changes proposed can be found in the consultation papers and include the following:


The removal of discretionary travel;

  • for pupils age 8-11 travelling over two miles to the nearest suitable school and increase the distance to three miles
  • where parents have a disability
  • cared for children unless eligible under normal criteria

The introduction of;

  • direct payments, where this is a lower cost option to enable the parent to provide/make travel arrangements.
  • a behaviour policy with clear escalation and sanctions.

Revisions to the;

  • complaints and appeals policy to provide greater clarity
  • definition of the nearest suitable school to include a school agreed under the fair access protocol.

These changes, if ultimately introduced, would reduce our annual £8.9m spend on school transport by up to £570,000 over the next two financial years, aligned with our medium term financial strategy.

The consultation period runs from Wednesday October 18 to Wednesday December 6.  

The questionnaire can be completed online at or for a paper copy contact 0300 123 5012

More information can also be found online at