Cranage Councillors and Clerk

In England alone there are over 9,000 parish councils and town councils. They are the tier of Local Government, which are closest to the people.
Each parish and town council have a limited amount of duties, as they are local authorities. With agreement of the district council or county council, if they decide to use them, the parish and town council have wide powers. These are certain functions normally carried out by those councils.
Parish and town councils should maintain a close relationship with the local community. The public are encouraged to be observers at the council meetings, as they are obliged to arrange at least one meeting for the parish or town council each year. Local electors may attend as they may raise issues of concern.

Ms Sue McKayClerk Sue Kay Cranage Parish Council

T: 07871 661813

Adrian Woodfine-JonesCHAIRMAN
Councillor Adrian Woodfine-Jones

Business Plan Delivery, Neighbourhood Plan

T: 07836 223421
28 Lawrence Close, Cranage CW4 8FA
Registrable Interests

Cllr David Pochin Cranage Parish CouncilVICE CHAIRMAN
Councillor David Pochin

Responsibilities: Highways.

T: 07836 600646
Orchard House, New Platt Lane Cranage, CW4 8HS
Registrable Interests

Cranage Parish Council LogoCouncillor G Morgan

Responsibilities:  Personnel, GDPR, Sibelco Liaison.

T: 01477 668117
4 Goostrey Lane, Cranage, Cheshire  CW4 8HE
Registrable Interests

Cranage Parish Council LogoCouncillor Rachel Hurst

Responsibilities: Finance Member and Audit Compliance, Village Hall Liaison, Personnel.

T: 01477 534415
Whitegate, Byley Lane, Cranage  CW4 8ER
Registrable Interests 

Richard Hocknell Cranage Parish CouncilCouncillor Richard Hocknell

Community Engagement (social isolation projects and connected communities), Manchester Airport Liaison.

T: 01477 537583
Hollins Farm, Hermitage Lane, Cranage CW4 8DP
Registrable Interests 

Mark MorreyCouncillor Mark Morrey

Responsibilities: Planning, Police Liaison.

T: tbc
Wimborne House, New Platt Lane, Cranage CW4 8HS
Registrable Interests

Councillor Neil Culliford

Responsibilities: Play Areas, Adult Fitness, Bowling Club

T: 07836 665015
32 Needham Drive, Cranage, Cheshire, CW4 8FB
Registrable Interests

Tim Sheldon Footpath Officer

Mr Tim Sheldon
Footpath and Tree Officer Representative
T: 01477 534688
5 Armistead Way, Cranage, Cheshire  CW4 8FE

Cheshire East Councillors, representing the Dane Valley Ward

Councillor Andrew KolkerCouncillor A Kolker
T: 01477 544513
42 Primrose Chase, Goostrey CW4 8LJ