Agenda: Parish Council Meeting

You are invited to attend the Parish Council Meeting on the 21st January 2020 at 7.30 pm at Cranage Hall Hotel, Byley Lane, Cranage CW4 8EW.

Declaration of Interest To receive any declarations of interest
Part 1- Public and Press Present The Chairman will adjourn the meeting to allow questions from members of the public to last no longer than 10 minutes at the start of the meeting and the same at the end.  After questions the Chairman will reconvene / conclude the Parish Council meeting.
Apologies To approve any apologies for absence
 Minutes • To approve the minutes held on 19th November 2019.  
Capital Projects 2019/20   • Small Play Area – to note the grant application has been submitted and will be decided on 4th March 2020.
• Football Storage Unit – to note this is now in place and locked.    
• Parish Luncheon – the Clerk to update on progress to date.
Business Plan • The Chairman to discuss the circulated draft and members to make suggestions.  
 Highways • Northwich Road Speed limit – to note the letter from the resident.
• Leese crossroads – update   
• Byley Lane floods – 3373938
• Needham estate fencing – update
• Boundary Signs – Clerk to update
• Memorial bench on Needham estate – to discuss the comments from the raised by a local resident in relation to the memorabilia.
• Manor Farm hedges – to not been actioned
• Twemlow Lane blocked gully – 3379901
Risk Assessment 2019/20 • To approve the circulated Risk assessment.
• Landlord Check on 7th January 2020.
• Play area safety checks – agree Rospa
• Cllr Responsibilities need to be reviewed.  
Footpaths and Trees Report • To resolve to accept the report from the Footpath Officer and the Clerk to report on last month.
• Footpath Claim – Carver Ave/Byley Lane/Crescent Avenue Ref FPS/R0660/14A/2 – update from the Clerk.
• Update from Barry Poole in reference the footpaths.
Planning Applications To discuss the following planning applications and any circulated after the agenda publication;
• 19/5335C Merriwood, 58 Northwich Road, Cranage WA16 9LD – Proposed single dwelling
Sibelco – Cllr GM to report on the meeting with Sibelco on 16th Jan 2020.
 VE Day   • Cllr SH to make a proposal for next year.  
 Disciplinary and Grievance Policy • To adopt circulated policy as advised by CHALC
Accounts To note the balance of account – Leek United £30,721.75 + Natwest £40,502.91 = £71,224.66
• £720.00 JDH Services Ltd  
• £4,653.24 Ms J Mason (Oct to Dec)
• £1,226.59 HMRC
• Clerks expenses
• Crewe Colour Printers ltd (invitations)
• £1,562.54 SPC
• £1562.54 NBACM
• £1,007.05 HW & SB PC
• £150.00 NBACM PC
• £150.00 SPC
• £150.00 HW & SB PC
Cheshire East To resolve to suspend standing orders to receive a report from any Ward Members present.
Chairman’s and members report • Cranage Bowling Club – Cllr RH to report
• PCSO meeting 27th Jan 2020 – Cllr DB  
Clerks Report • Training 2020 – Cllrs to decide.
• Annual parish meeting
• Cllr DB – ROI
To note the next meeting • 25th February 2020