Agenda: Parish Council Meeting 24th March 2020

Parish Council Meeting on the 24th March 2020 at 7.30 pm at Cranage Hall Hotel, Byley Lane, Cranage CW4 8EW.

Declaration of Interest Members are encouraged to declare pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests as soon as they become aware in the meeting.
Part 1- Public and Press Present The Chairman will adjourn the meeting to allow questions from members of the public to last no longer than 10 minutes at the start of the meeting and the same at the end.  After questions the Chairman will reconvene / conclude the Parish Council meeting.
Apologies To approve any apologies for absence
 Minutes To approve the minutes held on 25th February 2020
Coronavirus – COVID 19   To consider extending the delegation of Council decisions to the Clerk during any period of restricted activity declared by the Government in respect of the Covid-19 virus.  Such delegation will enable the Council to fulfil its responsibilities to its residents.  To consider whether to postpone future meetings of the Council during the period of Covid-19 virus.  
Planning Applications To discuss the following planning applications and any circulated after the agenda publication. 20/0989C Big Stone House, Middlewich Road, Cranage CW4 8HG – single storey rear extension and first floor rear extension.  
Accounts To note the balance of account – Leek United £30,721.75 + Natwest £31,106.44 = £61,686.199. PAYMENTS Clerks salary HMRC contributions £1708.80 – HSF recycling £1,440.00 – RM Installations RECEIPTS Nil
Cheshire East To resolve to suspend standing orders to receive a report from any Ward Members present.
Chairman’s and members report  
Clerks Report  
To note the next meeting 28th April 2020 – Annual Parish Meeting