A Massive Thank You!

To Cranage Parish Council

I wanted to write to wholeheartedly to thank you for all your endless support, dedicated efforts, expertise and hard work in providing an outdoor community fitness facility. Your encouragement and guidance throughout the process has been incredible and I am ecstatic with what we have achieved together.

The facility is absolutely superb, I am utterly delighted with the design, layout, quality of the equipment and the all-weather floor (so vital in this country!!). We are so lucky and privileged to have this on our door step. Enabling us to encourage and inspire the community to get fit and work out together. It is the best outdoor facility I have seen and has superseded all of my expectations. 

The equipment gives residents of Cranage the resource to stay strong, flexible, with improved posture, mobility, joint health, circulation and lung function not to mention the dramatic improvement of mental well being. My family and neighbours are already noticing the benefits of using our body weight and natural whole body movements as nature designed us to at the new facility.

I am going to create videos to be shared across social media to demonstrate the flexibility the equipment offers residents of Cranage young and old, highlighting the versatility of the area. To further aid this, I will be giving a live demonstration on Saturday 24th at 2pm to help local residents familiarise themselves with the equipment. Giving them the power to develop their own circuit training program, in the hope the positive benefits of training outdoors  are realised by all.

Thank you everyone involved from the bottom of my heart. Every time I visit the site it reminds me what can be achieved, with teamwork, dedication and positivity – its a dream come true!