4.10.17 Highways Event

Highways Event

For Newbold Astbury cum Moreton, Somerford, Cranage and Hulme Walfield & Somerford Booths Parish Councils

Venue; Assembly Rooms, Holmes Chapel Community Centre

Date; 4th October   7.30pm – 8.45pm

Present; Mr S Wallace, Mr R Cooper (Highways Cheshire East), Cllr K Wainwright, Cllr J Carter, Cllr N Sharman, Cllr G Bell, Cllr S Hughes, Cllr M Wakley, Cllr G Morgan (arrived late) and the Clerk.

Cheshire East Council and Ringway Jacobs wished to conduct this consultation event meeting once a year and asked for feedback if it was of benefit to the Parish Councils. Mr S Wallace’s job role was to endeavoured to identify the projects to be actioned across the region (asset led) and Mr R Cooper maintained the issues reported on the highways. They had conducted five meeting last year and this year there had been 20 to date this year.

There was a summary of the amount of roads, gullies, grass verges, footpaths and street lightening highways managed over Cheshire East. They summarised routine maintenance and how reportable issues were managed.

GB concerns with Chelford Road footpath in Somerford. DWH building on the triangle were currently using a water hydrant to take water to the site and damaging the footpath further.

Gully emptying was a concern that they were not always being attended to and no checking up of the contractors after completion.

GB concerned about white line maintenance on rural roads. He was advised to report it on the website.

KW pointed out the pot holes and lack of response from CE. Too much detail was required on the telephone.

KW Radnor Bank had been on the list for 18 months and was getting worse. There had been traffic lights installed but when was there to be some actions? The River Dane was also eroding the bridge. – RC advised the works were capital lead within the department and would be actioned in November 2017.

SW advised to check Roadworks.org

There was an update on road resurfacing programme and the emergencies which happened due to the weather and how this affected the team from programmed jobs.

SH requested an update on the works that utility companies completed

GB requested a process of installing a SDU by the Parish Council. SW gave him some advice about the installation of the post before purchasing the unit it was noted CE had no policy at this time.

MW had taken evidence on a memory stick to explain the pressure of traffic on the rural lanes in and around Hulme Walfiled and Somerford Booths – Simon Wallace downloaded the data. .

SW explained there was £350,000 allocated for works across Cheshire East to the Area Highways Group and £80,000 was for Congleton and the rural areas. The Ward Councillor was important factor in bidding for this money to assist the Parish Councils.

JC requested the rules on HGV’s within rural communities. There were instances where tractors were towing commercial items and not for the work of the farm.

The members thanked SW and RC for their time.

Meeting closed at 8.45pm